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    beentherejumpedthat Guest

    Default Keeping the dust down?

    How does anyone keep the sand/dust down (not to forget...still actually within the dressage arena or any other outdoor arena) when the weather gets really windy?

    How do you keep the dust down in an indoor arena during the winter time when you can not water the footing without worrying about ice/hardening being created within the footing?

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    Dec. 16, 2003
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    Default Magnesium chloride

    not the road kind but a special kind for arenas
    Google MAG and see if you can find a dealer near you.
    Great stuff.
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    Sprinkle some rock salt to pull the humidity out of the air ~ this will help keep the dust down somewhat ~ IMHO ~ it has always helped me in all my indoor arenas.
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    Another vote for the rock salt.

    Water and drag the arena well first, then LIBERALLY apply the rock salt, water again, and drag. We usually salt ours in October, and we don't have to start watering again until April/May. Works like a charm!

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    Magnesium Chloride. Kinder to the horse, kinder to the world, than other salts. doesn't usually require alot of watering, except perhaps in desert areas.
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    Magnesium chlor. indoors, sprinklers outdoors
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