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    Default too much hand and not enough leg = back sore?

    Is it possible that riding with too much hand and not enough leg could make a horse sore in it's lumbar region?

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    In my experience, looking at a horse cross-eyed can make its back sore, so yes.

    Specifically with what you're discussing, while I know horses and people are different, I would equate it to a person sitting back by arching their back rather than keeping a firm hold of the abdominal muscles and sitting more evenly on the seat. The horse's back may move, but is hollowed without support, and therefore has a good possibility of getting sore.

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    I think.. too much hand can make a horse' back sore, regardless whether too much leg or too little leg is involved. But again, a myriad of other things can make a horse' back sore. The rider position, the horse being asked to perform tasks he is not ready for, the horse is out of shape, etc etc etc.

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    In short, yes. But other things come into play including feet, footing, saddle fit. Look at the horse's muscling, especially neck. Is it correct? Sometimes if it's a young, green (or even older horse starting back to work) you'll get some soreness but this is usually alleviated very quickly by a day or two off. Continued soreness has a cause and usually it's not just one thing.

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    If you read through this thread here: your question is answered I think.

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