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    Default showing sore horse federal crime

    For everyones information:
    Title 15 Commerce and Trade

    Chapter 44 Protection of horses
    15 USC 1823 and 1824
    it is a federal crime to show a horse that is sore.
    FEI, USEF and USDF are subject to this law as the governing bodies of dressage show in the United States.
    Ask and allow, do not demand and force.

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    Define "sore"... make sure that you use proper case citations.

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    This is not my perception, this is from the federal statutes as interpreted to me by an individual who works with this law.

    Sec. 1822. Congressional statement of findings

    The Congress finds and declares that--
    (1) the soring of horses is cruel and inhumane;
    (2) horses shown or exhibited which are sore, where such
    soreness improves the performance of such horse, compete unfairly
    with horses which are not sore;

    1821 3.(D) is the portion that is exactly designed to facilitate general soreness....

    3) The term ``sore'' when used to describe a horse means that--
    (A) an irritating or blistering agent has been applied,
    internally or externally, by a person to any limb of a horse,
    (B) any burn, cut, or laceration has been inflicted by a
    person on any limb of a horse,
    (C) any tack, nail, screw, or chemical agent has been
    injected by a person into or used by a person on any limb of a
    horse, or
    (D) any other substance or device has been used by a person
    on any limb of a horse or a person has engaged in a practice
    involving a horse,

    and, as a result of such application, infliction, injection, use, or
    practice, such horse suffers, or can reasonably be expected to
    suffer, physical pain or distress, inflammation, or lameness when
    walking, trotting, or otherwise moving, except that such term does
    not include such an application, infliction, injection, use, or
    practice in connection with the therapeutic treatment of a horse by
    or under the supervision of a person licensed to practice veterinary
    medicine in the State in which such treatment was given.
    Ask and allow, do not demand and force.

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    Law was written for Big Lick Tennessee Walking horses, those folks make a science of out soring horses.

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    Interesting. Those sound like the laws put on the books for the Tenn. walkers. At one point they were put under the watch of the USDA (I think that's the right federal agency). But I guess that doesn't mean the laws only apply to Tenn walkers. Interesting.

    The above post is an opinion, just an opinion. If it were a real live fact it would include supporting links to websites full of people who already agreed with me.

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    Sep. 6, 2003
    WA, Land of the damp Thongpend


    No they don't apply to only TWH however we don't have the USDA testers at the H/J shows handing out "BBQ tickets" - I roomed with someone who showed TWH's in college, that is what they called the citation they would get and thought it was amusing. I was appalled.

    This law was written for the Big Lick horses, however it is probably not limited to them.

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