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    Default Kind, healthy, beginner-safe 23 y.o. TWH gelding FREE or Free Lease (Lex., KY)

    I ran a small, private horse rescue for 10 years and Mozart was one of my first rescues. He's a gorgeous, 15.3-16hh chestnut with the longest, thickest mane and tail you've ever seen--and this is on a pasture horse. Motz was a starving, terrified Big Lick stallion when I got him, but he had the most amazing, polite manners I'd ever seen, so I took a chance on him. I kept him a stud for roughly a year, using him as my main riding horse, but since I had no intention of breeding him, it seeme kinder to geld him. He is the epitome of the saying "A good stallion makes a great gelding." For TWH folks who want to know such things, he's from the Ultra Threat lines, which are known for being either impossible or outstanding in temperament. He's the latter.

    Mozart is kind, healthy, and very, very gentle. He's an easy keeper. As with most horses bred for the Big Lick, his gait under saddle leans more toward the stepping pace than a real runningwalk, but he is smooth. He goes in the mildest snaffle bit and is safe for small children and total novices, though of course, those groups would need some knowledgeable supervision until they became comfortable with him.

    Mozart's years in the show ring were difficult on him physically, so he has some arthritis and needs to be on full turn-out to keep his joints moving. Inexpensive supplements help him tremendously. He does best in regular (light) work. He is sound barefoot and can be kept in mixed herds. He LOVES minis and small ponies.

    Motzie greatly prefers women and children, although he's fine with men who are consistent and gentle with him. He can be nervous in new situations, but he settles easily with a pat and some verbal reassurance. He is a horse who really needs to trust his rider/handler, but once he does trust you, he'll walk through fire without question.

    When life circumstances forced me to close the rescue, I took Motzie with me in the assumption that I would keep him for the rest of his life. But since I no longer have my own land, his board is just too much for me to handle financially.

    If anyone is in a position to bring Motz into your life (and heart--he's a charmer), please let me know. I would be happy to tell you everything I've learned in the past 11 years about this wonderful boy. I will consider free leases for the right situation. HE WILL GO TO AN APPROVED HOME ONLY.

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    pm you

    walk softly and be one with your horse

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    e mai lme please my paster said he would pay for the trip if i went and got him i will retain ownership of him of course and he will live with me till the good lord calles him home..russel will ride him onnce a week for a hour(as he is so busy )sometimes in the arena sometimes with me around the farm and once in a while we will hit the trails behind the farm.mozart will have a wonderfull life with us,.lots of grazing, stalled under a fan in the heat of the hot days, out at night to wander with his winter ,although i have lean toos in there fields, when the weather is excesive i like to bring them in..they all have winter blankets, summer sheets, trailer sheets, show sheets, and fly sheet,fly masks you name they have it church is currently planning to get togeather to build me a new 12 stall soon as i get the lumber and such we will have a old fashion barn raising,with food music etc.. in my church we are all animal lovers and there behind my sancuary 100 percent..when you e mail me if you choose i will send you pic of all my fat kids and my paster who will be loveing you boy as much as i will.and i will send you pics of him all the time, so you wont be away from his new life,and you may come any time day or night to stay with him(us)no invitation needed.i will leave the barn lite on for ya and the door unlocked...always Ann
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    walk softly and be one with your horse

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