No, this is definitely NOT what you think it is!

I worked Red yesterday on a po0le and some barrels, dragging the pole around, and as for the barrels, they were all three set up close to each other to go around, back up and change direction etc.

Overeall It went great, she did care one bit about the pole being dragged around or following her, at first she really wanted to play with the rope. We did circles with it semi parallel to her and we drug it around the barrels once.

Now as for the barrels, it was um interesting? She caught on fairly quickly. I really wanted to work with her backing up but with a purpose, such as going to change directions, and she caught on to that fairly well. She back up, went around them, didn't mind the squeeze as much as I did. But a couple times she went "I dont wanna!"

She at one point did not want to stop and stand, that resulted in a back up back up back up back up NOW cue (see around point 2:28) and then we had a stop now damn it around 2:50, and thenh after that things went well ti she decided that she didnt want to back up through the barrels! see at 5:00. You'll see her shaking her head alot, I was giving her the leg cues I did in 2:28, but I wasnt allowing her to move forward by making my reins into a wall. She finally goes "Fine then!" backs up, andf that was it. She didnt give me any more fuss through out the rest of the ride thankfully, and i let her "chase the dog" for a bit. But overall I liked it. She responded to my leg cue to back up fairly well. And well yea.

Let me know how I can work out to improve the exercise,or what i can add to it. im thinking about making it kind of like a mini obstical course maybe?

Here are the videos, hopefully you can view them. They are processing.