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    Default How Tragic - Indiana Barn Fire Leaves 13 Horses Dead

    Just came across this story on the internet

    Whats going on with all these barn fires recently??

    Edit: This article says 14 horses.,2460646.story

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    Feb. 17, 2010
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    This is the farm's website:

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    I believe it was 14. I boarded there in college and considered those people to be part of my family (dated the owner's nephew for a couple of years; spent the majority of my 4 years in the area at that barn, working, teaching and training). So many memories, and it's so hard being this far away and not being able to help.

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    The internet has led to more reporting of non local stories not involving great loss of human life you would have stayed unaware of in the past. We just know more then we used to.

    Don't think they are any more frequent. We just had a bad one several months 45+ horses and 2 people. Same fairgrounds had another just like that one maybe 25 years ago with even greater loss. You probably never heard of the first one back then but bet you heard about the one in January.
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    Aw, how awful. I clicked on the link to the barn and noticed Halo Najib is (was? ) related to my horse. Halo was Halo Najib's grand sire and my horse's great grand sire.

    ETA: I see it says that no stallions died - so Halo Najib is still alive. Tragically, it was mostly mares and foals that died. How absolutely horrible.

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