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    Default Tipping a shipper? Yes/no/how much?

    I have a new horse arriving Saturday. It's been quite the trip - CA to KY - and I'm so excited!

    The shipper picked her up spot on time and I have every confidence that she will be arriving on time and stepping off the trailer in great shape.

    I would like to tip the crew, but am unsure how much. Does anyone have any insight/advice?

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    When I had my horses shipped from NJ to Southern Va (4 horses), I tipped the shipper $50. By his reaction I don't think he gets many tips, but he was courteous, on time, a great business person, and great to us, so he deserved it.

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    When I shipped horse & pony to NY from GA and back, I tipped the dirver & crew 'enough to go out for a nice meal' and baked some cookies (for each trip).
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    I didn't tip so much as rounded up (as I was paying cash and the quote was some oddball amount that would have involved singles and coins that do not come out of ATMs.) She had taken the job on short notice and did a fantastic job (one-day haul from Finger Lakes to Southwest MI with a single horse and no return load!) after my original shipper bailed (without refunding my deposit, no less or returning calls or e-mails--do not book with Louie of Double L out of Colorado). I wasnt' going to ask for change. I'd have taken her out for dinner, in fact, but they were turning around and driving halfway home that night!

    ETA: The shipper who picked up the job on less than a week's notice was Terry von Hagn. I would absolutely call her again for shipping in the east/midwest. And I cannot imagine all the driving haulers do!
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    You should give what you feel like. It is never expected. Drivers work incredibly long hours, weeks and months away from their families. You will make their day!! Especially if your horse arrives in great condition.

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