Hello to Everyone -

My 64 year old mother is looking for her 'retirement' horse. She is a life long rider who did the A's back in the 60s and 70's and then spent the rest of the time dealing with my sister and I

She and her friends meet weekly for trail rides or light ring work, and mom is now in a position where her trail horse is retired and she is missing out on the fun.

She is looking for a sound and sane horse 15.3-16.3 that is just happy grazing in acres of green grass with some light work once in a while. It would be quite a charmed life for the lucky horse as she has a 50 acre farm complete with 9 stall barn, wash stall, nice tack room, and great fields.

I would like for her to have a dead broke horse that won't mind if deer pop out of the woods to say hello or a flock of birds decide that the right time to exit their tree is right when the horse is walking past. She isn't currently looking to foxhunt; however, she has a group of friends in the area that are avid foxhunters and it would be great if she could tag along once in a while as a hilltopper.

If you think you have something in mind that may suit, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much!!