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    Talking Success with my ulcer prone horse

    Just brought my 3 year old colt home from the trainer after 30 days and the colt had no relapse while up there- he has twice before been diagnosed and treated for gastric ulcers. Between being stalled 24/7, the training and high activity level up there I was prepared for him to go off grain, etc. but he didn't.

    So for what it's worth his feeding regime is, a.m. & p.m: 1 scoop of a 50/50 blend of beet pulp w/ molasses and alfalfa chops, 1/2 pound of Calf Manna and once daily a tub of SmartGut. This is for a smallish, growing QTR horse.

    I had him at the vet today for something else and mentioned my use of Calf Manna in place of any grain. In the past I had used small rations of Stratagy & Nutrenas Safe Choice but quit using them when his meal behaviors suggested he was irritated. The vet said Calf Manna was an ideal product to use for an ulcer prone horse because of the high amounts of calcium carbonate in it. The vet and I are of the generation when Calf Manna was "the" feed additive to use.

    A GF who's husband was formerly a staff research vet for a Big, Big Name feed company still faints and gets flustered when we discuss what I'm feeding. I keep smelling salts around for her.

    So there you have it, my 30 day experiment with off site training and feeding the ulcer prone horse. A success.

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    Glad to hear he's none the worse for wear! Let me know when you two will be hitting the trails.

    I used to feed Calf Manna for protein supplementation, back in the day. May try it for the pally if she has another 'episode'. She's picky, though, so may take some convincing.
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