Just another reminder about our coming events.

http://www.olddominionrides.org/seminars.html has info about our May 8/9 training ride. Great chance to do conditioning and training on the Old Dominion trails on Great North Mountain in the George Washington National Forest.

June 11-13 is the BIG June ride in Orkney Springs, VA. I'm the volunteer coordinator and I have the non-enviable task of FINDING that really rare person, the elusive VOLUNTEER.
Folks, this is a non-profit sport. We make no money putting these rides on, hence, we basicly do this for free. We put it on by volunteer power and that means YOU. If you don't volunteer, the sport doesn't exist. Don't let other people carry you, support the sport and come down to help. Even if it's not your sport it is fun and educational. If you love horses and the great outdoors then this is a fantastic way to spend a weekend. Free bucnks, free showers, free food, free shirts! what's not to love?

P.S. I am doing some extra camping a trail riding at our camp site over the coming month, and would love to have some trail riding company. If you live within driving distance and have a shod, reasonably fit trail horse and would like to ride the mountain then drop me an email

Bonnie Snodgrass
Old Dominion Endurance Rides Board Member and Volunteer