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    Default Sellers And Buyers Thread Share You Fun And Not So Fun Stories

    I want to include both in this because I feel for buyers who drive hours to see something that is not what's advertised.

    But at the moment I am selling so I will share some of my fun experiences.

    As you all know one of my "sold" horses had the bar from the horsebox fall down smacking his hind leg, he flipped, and now I have scar leg to sell. Funny how I hear about the fallen bar after guy is back home miles away. Anyway, when he was here he was "measuring" said horse. Doing the whole hand to his chin first flat footed then on tippy toes. I said he was 15.3. Guy says "no way" might just be 15.2 but don't think he is. So I have a trusty stick with a level in the top and tell him to measure him with the stick. What do you know, he's a tick under 16 hands! Said horse has a bit of filling out to do and was recently gelded so I can understand, but enough with the hand on chin crap as if that's suppose to impress me.

    Yesterday I get a call on my 2 geldings born in the same year and get "are they from the same mare?" Um, no they aren't twins. Same guy says "have they been gelded yet?" Both of these important facts are stated pretty clearly in the ad.

    Then today's call really took the cake. Asked about size and told him. "Oh way too small they won't be nothing". Ok I ignore that and let him continue on. Then he talks about the stallions both are by and starts slagging them off. So I politely say maybe these horses aren't for you. I get "let me tell you something, I'm the buyer and I can say what I want."Noo, you aren't the buyer because I can't for the life of me figure out why you would even be slightly interested due to this converstation." OK maybe this is some Irish trick where you slag horse off so seller feels really stupid and near enough gives the horse away and buyer thinks he's ever so clever. Goes on to say, "young lady (ok brownie points for that), do you know who I am." At which stage he mentions some chaser that won a biggish race 25 years ago. Didn't train or own it but he was involved. Asks me my involvement with TB's and what good horses I've been involved with. At which stage, Mr. Chatty Cathy goes quiet and converstation done.

    I know these horses are not probably world beaters and their price reflects this. But I am honest and I will tell you if they've had any problems. Like the one guy has a pen allergy which I will pass along. I have records of health care that can be backed up by my vet and if I tell you a size it's because I have put the stick on them myself. If something has happened to one of them along the way I will tell you about it before you make the journey just so I, the seller, do not waste your time. I do care that these horses go into the right hands which is easy enough to gauge per converstations. Not fool proof but google can be your friend. I just had a call from Greece from a guy who by the way I did google and story seems to match what he told me. He makes buying trips to Ireland and will be here at the end of the month so who knows.

    Yes, very wordy and long, but I'm on mare stare, very tired and need to stay awake!

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    Just recently, I put a listing on Craig's List that I had two buyers looking for QH-type geldings between 7 and 14 years old. I get replies about mares in their twenties. I want to ask them "What part of 'geldings between 7 and 14 years old' do you NOT understand?"

    And would you not think that if you are replying to an ad that says somebody is looking for something, that it might just be a dandy idea to state in your reply where what you have is located and what price you are asking? A badly spelled grammar disaster "I've got a blah, blah; if you're interested, email me" is not much help. Ummmmm, dearie, you didn't give me enough information to decide if I'm interested. You've already strayed off what I said I wanted. If you've got something perfect I should consider instead, it's your job to spark that interest.

    Between the two buyers, they are looking for about five horses for family trail riding -- three large horses (two for tall people who needa larger horse and one shortie who just likes taller horses) and two smaller kid's horses. So far, there has been one legitimate prospect (but I don't have an asking price yet...)

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    Selling - I had a guy call me about a broodmare that I had for sale (rather cheaply). He wasn't interested in buying her, but had seen her ad and studied her bloodlines a bit. Turns out he wanted to tell me what lines she would best cross with as well as the high and low points of her pedigree. I humored him for half an hour and just before I managed to get off of the phone he asked me if I wanted to trade her for a broodmare that he owned. I am in Texas, he is in Kentucky, and to be quite honest the shipping was well above the asking price of the mare.

    Buying - Last year I picked up a really great, way out of my price range broodmare for next to nothing. This was because a chiropractor diagnosed her with a "hole in her uterus" during an adjustment. Well, holes in their uterus are of course fatal and this one appeared to have happened when she last foaled a year ago . Did she mean cervix? Nope, uterus. Did she palpate or ultrasound the mare? Nope, diagnosed it from the outside. Anyway, I crossed my fingers and shipped the mare down. Turns out she has a fractured ischium with nerve damage to her hamstring area. We bred her last week.

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    Someone comes to look at a (young, draft) horse (though it's one available for adoption, not being sold) and is asked what their experience is with training young horses. Person asks, "oh, you mean like Parelli?" People in the barn collectively facepalm.

    Last summer, when I was looking for a horse to buy, I went to see a mare that was described as being very quiet and safe (puts her kids on her, etc). Yeah, not so much when I asked her to canter and she started bucking instead. And these were not half-hearted bucks. Seller says, "oh, she's never done THAT before..."

    An actually fun story with a good ending -

    Last summer, later, after I recovered from the sprained ankle I received in the previous story, I went with the lady who owns the rescue where I volunteer to look at a horse for sale. Youngish draft cross (mostly draft), still extremely green (had been sat on a few times). He's completely not what I'm looking for (younger than I want, untrained, mostly white....). But the price was right, I know a good trainer, and he just seemed like a really nice, solid citizen. Lady who owned him seemed pretty nervous around him (can't imagine why, he's obviously terrifying.)

    Friend I'm with looks at me on the way home and says, point blank, "if you do not put an offer on that horse, I will.

    Yeah, I brought him home the next day and he was everything I wasn't looking for but turned out to be exactly what I needed. He's great.
    The Trials and Jubilations of a Twenty-Something Re-rider
    Happy owner of Kieran the mostly-white-very-large-not-pony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by analise View Post

    Last summer, when I was looking for a horse to buy, I went to see a mare that was described as being very quiet and safe (puts her kids on her, etc). Yeah, not so much when I asked her to canter and she started bucking instead. And these were not half-hearted bucks. Seller says, "oh, she's never done THAT before..."
    I had this happen with a mare I was selling. I had used her for lessons and everything, I asked for a canter and she just bloted and started bucking down the long side of the ring. She ended up bucking me off. I looked at buyers and said sorry don't know what happened never done that before. For then on I told everyone that she had bucked me off. She is now packing a beginner around and very happy.

    I have had tons of both from both sides. I love the ones where they show up and think the horses is bigger then listed.
    My life motto now is "You can't fix stupid!"

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    I know horses can do it, so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt (despite that I was dumb and didn't ask the seller to canter her first. Also, I ended up finding the horse perfect for me, so no big deal in the grand scheme of things)...I just think it was funny.
    The Trials and Jubilations of a Twenty-Something Re-rider
    Happy owner of Kieran the mostly-white-very-large-not-pony.

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