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    Default Potted veggie garden?

    has anyone had success w/ growing vegetables in pots?

    My situation- we own our home, have a lovely back yard- but it is mostly shaded- great because it keeps our bedroom cool, horrible because i can't really grow much out there.

    The front of the house gets the most sun, all afternoon/evening. the sides get almost nothing.

    I was thinking about trying to grow veggies in pots. I know i can (and have) done herbs, but what about veggies? raised beds in the front yard might look at little unsightly. has anyone done this? success? epic fail?

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    So far so good for mine. I have 3 variety's of lettuce, radish, carrots, and peas. I got inspired when I saw a classmate. She has herbs and spinach- and the spinach is huge.

    I was glad they were in pots- the sun became too strong for them recently and I had to move them into the shade.

    Just don't use miracle grow on the seedlings, it killed my first batch!

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    Mar. 23, 2005
    the evergreen state!


    tnx!! any hints about pot size for the veggies?

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    We have a large yard but limited areas of sun and heavy clay soil. To maximize our growing space we put in two raised beds and dedicated one area to pots. Last year, the pots were all tomatoes and peppers, and they did GREAT. It was handy to be able to move the pots to a sunnier spot if needed, or pull them back for cover during hot spells. It's important to stay on top of watering as they will dry out much faster in pots than in the ground, and if you are going for tomatoes make sure you get a pot sturdy enough to support the top-heavy weight. This year, I think we are going to do hanging tomatoes. No need to buy the premade bags- take a reusable shopping bag (like the kind they sell at walmart for a buck) and a five-gallon bucket lid (you can get them at home depot for fifty cents or something). Cut an X or small circle with an X in the lid, stuff it in the bottom of the bag, insert plant, fill with soil and hang by handles.

    I've also seen people have success with just using a bag of soil- maybe not the method for you if you are worried about how it will look, but super convenient for utilizing those little corners of your yard where a bed wouldn't suit. Lay bag of soil on your chosen spot, and cut appropriate holes- stab it a bunch of times for lettuce, say, or cut a big slit down the middle for herbs. Water the bag and sprinkle the seeds over top or press into the area cut out. Voila! Instant garden!

    Strawberry pots are really attractive and you can grow lots of different plants in them- we put small peppers in one hole, flowers in another, herbs on one side, large herb or pepper plant on top. They are not terribly mobile once filled so make sure you have it where you want it.
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    Here's a link you might want to check out:

    Better Homes & Gardens has lots of great veggie garden ideas.

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    You can do it but I would suggest using some peat moss in your potting soil and mulching the pots to hold the moisture in. Plastic pots would hold the moisture better than clay pots, unless the clay pots are glazed. Potted plants dry out faster than stuff in the ground.

    You might also want to invest in those waterers you can stick into the ground to keep it moist--"Plantastic" is one such product. Bell peppers are notorious water hogs among others.

    If you do a Google search for "growing vegetables in containers" you'll get a million sites to peruse.

    Good luck!

    I'm in the same boat as you but I went out and rented a plot of ground in my community for $5.00 for the season--unfortunately until I get the horse manure, composted cow manure and peat moss and pay to get it tilled in I might as well just gone and bought the stuff at the grocery store! But it keeps me off the street....
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