Hi, all

A few OT days ago I posted about my birth control quandry (OB/GYN won't do an IUD since I've not had any kids yet, I'm too busy/on shifting schedules to reliably take the pill or even change patches and rings).

Well, I may have found a solution This past week I got Implanon put in. You can look it up yourself if you're interested, but basically it's a rod the size of a matchstick that was inserted under the skin of my upper arm on the inner side with a giant needle. They used novocane and lidocane and the whole visit took about an hour. Normally it would be shorter, but the first needle they used was randomly a faulty one so they had to punt, lol.

I'm slightly bruised, but even after the local anesthesia wore off I have really no pain and it's not an area that even gets much pressure anyway, lol.

It will last for up to 3 years (but I can have it removed any time I want before then), and is as effective as the pill. I'm over the moon excited about this! My OB/GYN said about 1/3 of users have normal periods, 1/3 have no periods, and 1/3 spot all the time. I'm hoping for either of the first 2 scenarios.

So, thanks for everyone who was supportive of me those many months ago, and I figured I'd pay it forward in case anyone else came up against this situation. Oh, and it is completely covered by my insurance, office visit and all! The insurance company said as long as the MD is the one putting it in, the device, the proceedure and the visit are all covered, and I think they bill it like an IUD proceedure b/c there isn't really an appropriate equivalent.