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VHC Equestrian Trail Guide
I wanted to let you know that the first 5 sections of the Virginia Horse Council's new trail guide have been posted to the VirginiaOutdoors website at:
The VHC has a cooperative agreement with this site to format and publish the data for us.
The completed sections include:
. Central Virginia Section
. Northern Virginia Section
. Eastern Virginia Section
. Tidewater Virginia Section
. Chesapeake Virginia Section
. Virginia State Parks (if not in above sections are still posted in the Virginia Outdoors links)
If your organization or business maintains a list of resource on its website please add a link to this page.
Please feel free to let me know if there is any outdated information or if we should include additional details about any of these locations. While I have attempted to verify all the details, trails are constantly changing. We want to keep this data as current as possible but I will rely on those of you who are out on the trails to keep me posted when things change. Once we have more pictures we should be able to move to a more interactive format like the state parks. For now, click on the VHC icon after the trail write up and you will see pictures of the facilities.
The chapters pertaining to the other parts of the state are in process and I welcome the assistance of any of you who would like to help by submitting information and pictures for one or more places. (This is a great time to take trail pictures since the redbud and dogwood are starting to bloom.)
Most importantly, I would like to acknowledge the many people (and it's a long list) who contributed to the guide thus far. (Ya'll rock!)
Sally Aungier
3rd Vice President and Trails Committee Chair,
Virginia Horse Council
For more information on Trails visit