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    Default Any success stories re:moving horse from humid south to drier climate for COPD?

    My mare is not doing well here with her COPD. A lady I go to school with retired a horse to a farm in Texas and I was wondering if anyone has had any success with moving a horse from the humid south (Panhandle Florida) to a drier, less humid climate to help with COPD. I had not even thought of a retirement farm for her...but would do it if I could afford it and it would make her happy.

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    Does she have problems year round or would she benefit from being moved north every summer? Our boy has trouble every summer here in Virginia. Before we owned him, he lived in upstate NY. I have always wondered if he had trouble there. So far, we have gotten our boy through each summer with Ventipulmin and occasional dexamethasone. COPD/heaves can be very frustrating.

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    Hmmm........I wonder if the drier climate would pose a different problem..........I'm wondering if the dust would cause issues with COPD???


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    Our (very well managed) COPD gelding did have some problems when we moved from the humid east coast to Colorado. Yes, it was the dust, which is something that is difficult to control. We moved during the spring when the wind was the worst. He did adapt, and is now doing fantastic, but it took several months and a tiny bit of help with medication.

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    I lived in the southern Idaho desert, but go to school in Oklahoma where summer are significantly more humid. My horse does MUCh better in the humid climate than back at home where it is dry. I'm sure there are many other factors besides purly humidy, but I thought I woudl share my experience.

    Additionally, I have had great results using Finish Line's Air Power (methol, aloe vera, ect) 5cc after every ride and Platinum Performance's allergy supplement (contains an antiimflamatory and immune regulator)

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