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    OldForgeHillFarm Guest

    Default Pennfield Feeds Fibergized and Choking

    First I have to say I have NEVER had a horse choke before. I understand beet pulb can cause choking, and I also understand that when you switch a feed it needs to be done gradual. With that in minds please read the following:
    This past winter my mill was selling Pennfield Feeds on sale buy one get one free! Too good to pass up right?? The breakfast of champions right?? So, I had to give it a try, sence it was winter and very cold I figured I could stock up and buy lots of it, and it wouldn't go bad. I still bought my current feed Omolene which I loved (and still do) to mix the feeds and introduce my horses to it gradually, so I wouldn't have anybody colic, and my finicky eaters would adjust etc. etc. Anyway, I had one of my mares choke, with a little time, Banamine, and Ace so she didnt FREAK she made it through OK. Shew! Then I had another do the same thing. Now Im figuring maybe its the grain by now two in a week and a half??? I figured, sence I did "stock up" on it I better begin to wet it down, then my stallion choked. He choked so severely, that my vet was at my home for three hours, had to tube him, and in the mean time because the obstruction was so severe he ruptured a membrane in his nasal passages. Blood EVERYWHERE!! My poor stallion went through the mill. Lucky he survived, and I have a vet that knows that if I call, its an emergency and he was there for me!! [B]HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THESE ISSUES?? WITH PENNFIELDS??? PLEASE CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOW![B] The feed was suppose to be on sale because a good deal on the beet pulp, I am beginning to think they were trying to move it quickly. I am not the only one who has had horses choke on the "On Sale" Fibergized. I believe if it the feed we all should be reimbursed our feed and vet bills!! Most links on Pennfields and choking have been deleted...Fishy??
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    You might want to get a mod to move this to the Horse Care forum..... this forum is for technical issues.
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    OldForgeHillFarm Guest

    Default How do I do that??

    How do I modify, new to this site! Thanks!

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    Over three years ago I had a horse choke so severely he ended up at Morven Park for a week. I would have lost him had the barn manager where I was boarding him at the time not done night check.

    His choke was about 12 inches long, and yes, like your experience, blood was everywhere as the vet worked to clear the material. I was very lucky there was no scarring. And of course, he then developed aspiration pneumonia.

    When I finally got him home (after almost 10 days and $3,000) and finally began his normal feed routine, Fibergized, he began to choke again, as did another of my horses.

    That was the end of the feed for me. I have all the hospital records if you're interested ... just PM me. Oh, and if you get the mods to move this to horse care, you'll find there are others that have had similar experiences.

    To move the thread, just PM the mod1 (is she out???) and ask to have the thread moved to Horse Care.

    Oh, and here's another thread:
    and another
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