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    Jan. 29, 2009

    Default Help me decide!

    Since I started working out, my calves have become too big for my current pull-on tall boots. I have a HT on the 16th so I need to get a new pair, FAST...and I have to order online b/c the only tack shop within 2.5 hrs only carries Ariat boots, which do not fit me (they are too tall and skinny). I am mostly just trying to decide between these two Mountain Horse pairs, both of which fall in my budget range:

    I am bad at comparing things like this. The main difference I see is that the Sportive LOOKS fancier (shinier and a more elegant appearance), but no real improvement in quality, construction, or technology from the cheaper pair. The use will be for some recognized HT's at the BN and N levels, as well as schooling shows, so obviously nothing prestigious lol. My main concern is a fast break-in period, comfort, durability, and that they be acceptable for shows. Honestly, I'm leaning towards the cheaper pair b/c of the "supple, oiled full grain leather" bit in the description which the Sportive doesn't have. Feel free to suggest boots other than the ones I have linked. My calf is 14" around with breeches and socks, and 17.5" tall, and my budget is <$250. Thanks in advance!

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    Oct. 17, 2009


    I have a pair of MH tall field boots and I really like them but they do have a break in period. You will likely suffer at you HT on the 16th...

    I have larger calves and the Ariats don't fit me right, either. The field boots fit me well and are flattering. I also think that the footbeds are really comfortable and that the boots are great (well-made) for the price.

    I personally like the look of the boot in the bottom link, mostly because the sole on the other one is really clunky looking. I also don't like the metal logo on the side of that boot.
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    Do yourself a huge, ginormous favor and call Equus Now about the Treadstone Field Boot.

    I have sung its praises elsewhere on this forum, and convinced lots of other people to buy them. Nobody regretted it.

    Treadstone screwed up bigtime with the idiotic picture of their product, which makes it look like a cheap POS. This is what mine look like in real life:

    and I love them so much that I am buying a spare pair that I found used at a good price:

    I seriously wouldn't trade this boot for anything else in the sub-$500 market. Well, except maybe the Treadstone French Calf boots, which are the same boot in a nicer leather for $300. And by "nicer" I mean the difference between anybody else's $300 field boot and anybody else's $600 field boot.

    Equus Now has awesome customer service. They also sell the Sportive High Rider, so they can tell you how/whether the Treadstones would be better or worse for your measurements.
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    Oct. 24, 2009


    I love Mountain Horse boots- they hold up forever, and are very nice and comfortable! I have the Mountain Horse Richmond High Rider Field Boots, these look just as nice:
    or if your looking for a dress boot:

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    I am so coveteous of any boots with the zip up back.

    Funny misprint on one discription - maybe a little freudian

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    Sep. 6, 1999
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    Why not paddock boots and half chaps?
    I just sold my Ariats. as all the poo shovelling has made my calves grow too. I scurried over to a local tack shop that had used boots and found a pair of cheapies for $90. But I think I'll go the half chap route.

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    Jan. 26, 2001


    I like the second pair. I have MH tall boots, love them very comfy.

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