Anyone have the newest Firefox?

I have a new (to me) netbook running windoze XP Home and had to download the latest Firefox. (6.3.?)

I stay logged in, have not changed my board settings at all.

When I try to log in at home on my wireless modem, about half the time I get the green background, the white background, but then everything 'hangs' and that's as far as I get. At the time the info line has something about loading a googlead or partner or some such (have to go look it up--I did save it!)

Today I'm on my older laptop (It's ALIVE!!! ) and got on fine on the same modem, same time of day.

I also have a couple of weird little issues with the board:

I cannot click on smilies. (I can use them by typing them out)

And I cannot click on "quick reply" or "quote" etc. I can copy a quote and use the text commands... but can't click on them.

Finally, the Quick Reply button doesn't work--BUT, I can place my cursor directly in the Quick Reply box and type away... Go figure??

Just thought I'd report it. I figure it's Mozzie bugs not CotH bugs... but ya never know.