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    Feb. 3, 2000

    Default He likes it!

    I was introduced to 'salty licorice fish', a Scandinavian candy, last weekend -- To say they are the most disgusting candy I have ever sampled is an understatement --

    Mom saw them in IKEA, and decided to try them -- One bite convinced her buying them was a mistake, but she couldn't bring herself to trash a full bag of candy ... so she saved it to share with the family -- Anyway, we had fun watching eachother's reactions to them in a taste test held after Easter dinner -- NOBODY even finished one piece of candy -- It appeared that Mom was still stuck with half a bag of candy, so we started joking about what she could do with them --

    It was then that I thought they might be appealing to a horse -- Horses love licorice and many of them consume salt licks -- So, I suggested I try giving them to my gelding -- OMG, he really does like them ... not as much as peppermint peeps, but enough to come looking for more

    Are there any other horses that eat these things?
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    Feb. 8, 2004
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    They sound totally vile. I've never heard of them, so have no clue if any of mine would find them tasty. Blech!
    Homeopathy claims water can cure you since it once held medicine. That's like saying you can get sustenance from an empty plate because it once held food.

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    Default out for Scandinavians. The food is generally awful, with the exception of desert like cookies, cake, etc. All candy is to be avoided at all costs. My great grandmother came from Sweden not for the promise of a blessed bright future but for edible candy and something besides lye-infused cod and boiled potatoes with parsley.

    Your poor horse

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    Oct. 3, 2007


    Well, I know what I'll be picking up next time I go to Ikea. I love tempting the horses with odd treats. Still can't get anybody to eat peeps. Recently tried the edible Easter grass with varying degrees of success.

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