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    Default Stall Rest

    My 13 year old TBX had surgery on an infected tendon sheath in his left hind about 3 weeks ago. He has been on stall rest, and will be for about 4 more weeks. He's obviously lost muscle mass, and a little weight.

    He gets fed 2 qts textured sweet feed twice a day. He also gets 3-4 flakes of hay at least twice a day. I've started giving more hay overnight, however theres generally some left over every morning.

    Is this enough? I dont want him losing any more weight while on stall rest. We have started 15-20 min hand walks everyday, and he's doing great, but im concerned about his weightloss.

    Also, has anyone had a horse who has had this surgery before? The vet said prognosis was good, but i'd like to hear some actual stories!

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    I wouldn't give him any sweet feed at all. He can have hay in front of him at all times. Find a low starch pellet or maybe non mollasses beet pulp if he needs some grain to keep him happy.

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    How is his body score? Being on the thin side while on stall rest isn't the worst thing.

    What "textured sweet feed" are you using? I would drop anything that has "sweet" in it, because while it may not (and being textured probably isn't) the icky sticky mostly-molasses sweet feed, it's probably pretty high in sugars, which automatically limits how much you can give.

    Honestly, if it were me, I'd drop the sweet feed cold turkey, and start out small and work up to several pounds a feeding of alfalfa pellets, or beet pulp, or both. Even some rice bran or boss for calories and some fat would be nice.
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    Definitely agree with the no sweet feed. My mare was on stall rest for 9 months and would get a big handful of low starch pellet with a supplement 2x a day and would basically have hay in front of her 24/7. She loves eating so I never really had a problem with her weight even though she's a TB she kept her weight and actually gained a bit over the 9 months. Good luck with your guy

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    Mar. 14, 2010
    Earlysville, Virginia


    The sweet feed we use is Southern States Triple 10. My BM suggested it, and I believe its not high in sugars. It definitely isnt making him energetic or difficult to handle. I may switch him to pellets anyways.
    Im going to keep hay in front of him at all times and see how that goes!

    Unfortunately he has to recieve SOME grain twice a day when the other horses eat or he gets grumpy and jealous.

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