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    neeq Guest

    Default SI injections then turned out when supposed to be on stall rest, implications?

    My horse had both SIs injected late yesterday. Vet instructed 24 hours without turnout. Despite me saying not to turn him out today, I got to the barn and he was out in turnout and completely coated in mud. I brought him in immediately and cleaned him up and he seemed okay, but I am really worried. My vet's reasoning for not turning him out for 24 hours was 1) to make sure the injection sites stayed clean 2) not let him run around too much
    I have no idea how nuts or not nuts he went in turnout but I know for a fact he didn't keep himself clean.
    Worrying about the chance of a joint infection. Thoughts?
    Also, any ideas on how much this might or might not affect the efficacy of the injections?

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    Mar. 9, 2006
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    Honestly would not worry too much about it. I have had horses injected and immediately turned out with no ill effects, pretty hard to imagine that would cause a joint infection. We had a horse injected today, he stayed in stall until the sedative wore off and went out and will be out all night, and his injection was a coffin bone injection so down much closer to the dirt.

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    the reason they want them to stay in is because they are feeling no pain, hence might hurt something else...if he isnt limping, no harm done
    "You can't really debate with someone who has a prescient invisible friend"

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    My horse had his SI injected as well as hocks about a month ago. My vet said turnout was ok the next day and just to let him do what he wanted to do. He rolled of course and then got up and ran around the ring once bucking like a mad man. I guess he was feeling good and he never seemed to be sore from the injections. I gave him an easy week of just turn out and letting him get out the energy he had on his own. I started riding him lightly a week later and he is going wonderfully.

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    I would not be too worried given his current status.

    That said, I would ( non confrontationally) have a talk with whomever is in charge of the staff doing turnout as you had vet's orders, conveyed them, and there was a miscommunication.

    Might not be a deal breaker this time, but it's worth noting to improve communication.
    A good horseman doesn't have to tell anyone...the horse already knows.

    Might be a reason, never an excuse...

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