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    Default Mare at 351 days, right front leg is swollen

    I put a call into my vet and she is on her death bed. Knocked down with the flu, NO chance of coming out. I have an aged TB mare that is at 351 days, her milk turned white and sweet on Wed night. I've spent two nights with her.

    Wed night she was up and down at night, normal night but did not foal. Thursday morning I noticed that her right front was a little swollen. She is getting over an abscess in her left front, so I wasn't too concerned.

    Thurs night her leg, mostly from knee up to shoulder is really swollen. It's a solid swelling, a little heat, but not a lot. She has minimal swelling from her knee down. It's very uncomfortable for her, of course being pregnant.

    My vet says no antibiotics as there is no known infection and she is worried about antibiotic resistance on an other wise healthy horse. this mare does stock up a little behind before foaling and she is doing that now. She has no marks or knicks on her right front. The only old mark is from about 2 weeks ago. She had a bed sore on her right elbow, Put medication on it, bedded her in straw and it is healed up.

    Any guesses on what is causing the swelling? I do have her on bute and am cold hosing her.
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    It sounds like cellulitis to me... Here's a link for you

    Good luck!
    Siegi Belz
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    I would definitely start cold hosing as much as possible. Also you can wet down towels = fold and roll them up and put them in the freezer - then unroll them on her leg and hold them in place with vet wrap.
    Isn't there another Vet you can call to at least check the mare's vitals and also do a blood screen. Some Banamine would help her also.
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