I have a question about bloodlines and where else would I go to find honest answers besides the COTH forums?
I do not know much about A bloodlines, strictly B.
I am currently looking at an A mare that I really like. I have been interested in breeding a BRP to an A for a long time now and I think I have found the perfect mare for it.
I would like to hear A breeders opinions on her pedigree, photos, show record etc. Also if her A bloodlines would be suitable for the hunter ring.
I know, I know A's are not supposed to be in the hunter ring leave it to the B's for that, but I am really interested in trying something new. I love the type of the A.
Anyways would love to hear some input from A gurus.
Please PM me or send me an email to get pedigree and photos if you are willing to help me out.
Thanks in advance everyone