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    Default Green status question

    Quick question regarding green status. I read some time ago that if a horse/pony is inactive from showing, due to what ever reason, for a set length of time that said horse/pony is eligible to gain their green status back. Is that true and if so, how long is that set length of time?

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    Nope. To reinstate a green status you have to apply that show year, and not have shown at that height more than three times before May 15th, or at that height at all after May 15th.

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    Page 1:

    2. A horse’s green status is considered to be broken once it competes over fences 3’6” or
    higher. The horse’s green status may be reinstated for a future competition year if it was not
    shown at that height at more than three (3) competitions prior to May 15th and if it was not
    shown at that height after May 15th in the same year
    . The Federation recorded owner must
    submit a letter requesting First or Second Year green reinstatement, via certified/return
    receipt mail, which must reach the Federation office on or before November 30th of the year
    of withdrawal. The request must be made during the year in which green status was broken.
    A $25 processing fee, a list of competitions with dates where the horse competed at
    3’6” or higher, the horse’s name and Federation recording number must accompany the
    green reinstatement request. At the time of request, the horse must stop competing over
    fences 3’6” or higher for the remainder of that competition year. If the horse is not actively
    recorded at the time of request, it must be recorded/renewed at that time. Failure to do so
    will result in the horse losing its green status. The owner will receive a letter indicating the
    horse’s green eligibility. A Green Reinstatement will only be granted one time for first year
    and one time for second year.
    3. If a competition starts prior

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    If we could just sit out a couple of years and redo the greens, there wouldn't be much need for the other divisions

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