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    Sep. 26, 2009

    Unhappy Neurotic mare not coping with new weanling WWYD?

    Urgh! So my weanling arrived on Monday - I bought him in part because my gelding died last year, she was okay with that because she had the pony next door so I bought a foal because I was injured and couldn't cope with a new adult horse just then.

    A couple of weeks ago they sold the pony, and neurotic maresy was really lonely - okay i thought baby horse is nearly here she'll love him. Now he is here - and she is NOT coping with the new addition.

    When I say not coping I don't mean aggression, she is stressing out. He arrived Monday and was a bit colicky in the evening but got over it when he came up to the stable, but last night she needed a needle.

    The vet agreed it was most likely stress because her gut sounds were fine and she started eating straight after the first needle.

    The foal is in an adjoining paddock, and she went and saw him on Monday - then pulled the electric fence down (it was ON!), let him in with her hooned around and took off back to the stable and left him.

    Yeah that was fun.

    She has had free access to the stable yard because we have had loads of rain recently and it's been too hot for a rainsheet. Yesterday she wouldn't leave the stable yard so I tried locking her out.... then the colic.

    So today she has access to the stable yard and won't leave.

    Vet has offered to get me some ACE paste to see if we can sedate her through the adjustment period if need be. I'm also thinking about getting in some chamomile.

    I am thinking that I should let her have free access to the stable yard and paddock and hope that with him being next to her at night, they form a bond.

    She has always been a bit nutty, but since being an only horse it did get worse. I thought a buddy would make her happy!

    I'm at a loss, any and all suggestions/ shared experiences would be greatly appreciated, before I turn to drink.

    The vet left me an IM ACE shot ..... I'm eyeing it off for myself!

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    Since you haven't yet had much help offered here...

    It may take a while for your mare to adjust to the new companion. Sometimes several weeks before things start to calm down, especially if she is a neurotic one. Use the atravet. On the mare. It will lower her stress levels so that she does not colic again over her worry about the new weaner. You won't need much, just enough to ease her mind. Especially with particularly neurotic horses, they tend to be more suseptable to atravet than others. I'd try half a cc IM for starters. Having a bottle of atravet on hand and a supply of needles is good for treating a problem like yours, until your mare calms down about it all. Or a jar of oral atravet that you just put on her grain for a few days, but injectable tends to work faster.

    Good luck, give it some time and do what you have to to keep both the mare and the weaner safe until you get past this initial incompatibility.

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    I would follow the regularly prescribed dose as per your vet's recommendations and titrate down from there until you get the desired amount of sedation.

    You can use the injectable ACE orally...just top dress some grain, wait half an hour to 45 minutes and it should be effective.

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