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    Default Officer And His Horse Keep Crowds From Explosive-Laden Vehicle

    The mounted patrol officer who put himself between a smoking car bomb and a crowd of people in Times Square—despite being months from retirement—says he was just doing his job.

    Officer Wayne Rhatigan, 46 years old, said he smelled gunpowder and circled a Nissan Pathfinder on his horse, Migs, after street vendors alerted him to the smoking vehicle.

    As he reacted, Mr. Rhatigan said he was thinking the vehicle could explode any second. He called for backup and enlisted two other officers to help move people away...
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    Very brave of him and the horse to maintain control during all the chaos.

    Just fertilizer bombs brought back memories. In north India we do have a few bombs go off ever so often. I lived in the south and we were not affected-well apparantely it happened twice after I came here. But it is just a shadow you live under. After a while you get used to it-kinda like the chance of running into a drunk driver. I just hope this is an isolated incident and not some kind of future. These kind of bombs are the most difficult to stop. They make it from fertilizer, explosives used to dig wells and such and so are quite primitive. But create so much fear . After a few you get used to it-I think humans can get used to anything, when exposed to it long enough. But I just hope we don't have to get used to such idiots. I remember before 9/11 when we could walk up to the boarding area of international flights and wave goodbye to your family. Now you can't even get there for domestic and Lord knows what more security measures we have to face in the future. I really hope it is a one off event.

    It looks like a homegrown thing. Nice thinking and acting by the mounted patrol.

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    I do hope people keep this in mind as they cut back and dissolve Mounted Patrol.

    Yes, it's expensive, but NOTHING can replace a mounted LEO. Not a bike, not a motorcycle. Nothing is the same.

    Kudos to the team. BOTH did their job admirably.

    (And I am really not happy at homegrown terrorism again. )
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