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    Dec. 17, 2007
    Meadowview VA

    Default Your COTH car

    Last night (1:00-don't ask ) as I was vacumning oats out of the back seat of my car, I realized that only COTHers would understand.
    I threw away the equine catalogs I had finished reading, also vacumned up stray dog food, sprayed some melon/cucumber air freshener, and tried to get most of the mud up off of the floor. Don't know when I'll get to a car wash to get the tongue licks off of the hood.

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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Dallas, Georgia


    Hi...I'm ChocoMare and I have a COTH Car:

    --I probably have enough hay stubble on/under the floor mats to bale.

    --Since I have stuff to sell, it's allll in the back compartment, so the car is a Mobile Tack Store.

    --Herball treats are in the cup holder.

    --4 Seasons worth of clothing is always somewhere in the car....just in case.

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    Feb. 26, 2010
    Charlotte, North Carolina


    I really try to keep the car clean. Most of the time it holds a few pairs of breeches, half chaps, and my gear bag which contains my helmet, gloves, saddle soap, hair nets etc. You right the vacuuming is a chore after going to the barn.
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    Jun. 30, 2006
    Middle Tennessee


    My trunk is now lined with a nice layer of loose horse feed from where a bag broke open at the feed store. I swear I'm going to vacuum it out one of these days... maybe...

    --4 Seasons worth of clothing is always somewhere in the car....just in case.
    Same here! Although whatever piece of clothing I could actually use at the moment always seems to be left at home.
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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Coth car here !

    Only a problem when I trade the car in for the new one ~ takes extra PROFESSIONAL help for clean up as well as alot of explaining !
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT"S A WONDERFUL LIFE !"

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    Apr. 20, 2004


    I have a childhood friend that lives in a very nice luxury condo in the city with a concierge and valet parking. I'm talking BMW, Porches and etc.... type of residents. They were selling at the height of the market for $1 million +.

    When I was rough boarding my horse, I had no choice but to pick up hay with my mini SUV every other week. Naturally, I wasn't going to vaccuum out my vehicle after every trip. I can only imagine what the valets thought when I visited with hay hanging from the ceiling, on the walls and etc...
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    Jul. 5, 2007
    Beside Myself ~ Western NY


    My car is very clean, but there are always some stray beet pulp shreds worked into the carpet in the trunk.
    And, I can get 4 bales of shavings and a pitch fork in it (it's a Corolla). Just remember to place the fork tines towards the rear
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    May. 7, 2009


    I also have a COTH car:

    I have tack for 3 kids ( we ride at two different barns on a weekly basis)

    At the moment I still have all of our show stuff from the weekend including the evidence of a bail of hay.

    In the back seat where the kids sit there are various sweatshirts that smell like barn, some mismatched paddock boots, two helmets, a pair of spurs, and various water bottles that are half full.

    I LIVE out of my car, I put over 100 miles a day on it and I DON'T travel for work, just running kids and going to ride. We eat in it, the kids sleep in it for some trips, and there are days when I "work from home" in it!

    I will never buy a new car, I trash them so i buy older cars that my hubby won't have a heart attack if I mess them up. As long as they run who cares, if you want to judge me by my car go ahead, it pretty much says it all LOL!!!!
    If you are lucky enough to ride, you are lucky enough.

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    Jun. 10, 2009


    The trunk has:
    A dressage saddle that I was trying to sell (got rid of it just last week). A huge tub of liniment, 5 show quality saddle pads, braiding supplies, video camera, case of water, coat bag with show clothes still in it.

    Back seat:
    My jumping saddle and girth, helmet, spurs, schooling saddle pad, wool cooler, 3 sets of clippers, a healthy supply of carrots.

    Front seat:
    Drinks and snacks for the 2 hour trek to the barn. Riding catalogs and mapquest print outs to all the usual places.

    The entire car is covered with tiny short hairs of every color from body clipping every horse in sight. Hay appears in strange places, still can't figure out where it comes from since I park 100 yards from the barn. I don't even notice the mud on the floor. When my sorority friends get in the car they are quick to note it smells distinctly of leather

    the Hood:
    Had the scratches that my sweet horse put into the hood with his TEETH removed to the tune of $600. Would've just left them but people always asked me if I had a run in with a wild animal and they were clean through to the metal and didn't want it to rust!

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    Glad to know I'm not the only one with so much junk floating around my car. I lent my truck to my brother in law this past weekend and my collection actually came in handy.. he was on his way into DC (Georgia Ave and 16th St in Silver Spring, for you MD people) and saw a dog running in and out of traffic. Stopped, grabbed the horse treats from my cup holder and managed to lure the dog off the road.

    I'm going to hang onto that story for a defense when my boyfriend asks (yet again) why I insist on keeping that truck full with winter jackets, feed, supplements, vetrap, pillow wraps, a girth, a set of leathers and stirrups.. you just never know what you're going to need!

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    Jan. 7, 2009
    Cincinnati, OH


    I haven't seen the floor of my back-seat area for probably a year. . .not sure I want to, either. . .LOL.

    I board my horse, but my boyfriend also has two horses and one of them is unofficially "mine" for longer trail/camping trips, so I'm always hauling tack and stuff between barns.

    My version of air freshener is driving around for a day or so with a couple of bags of feed in the back.
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    Feb. 9, 2006
    ol Virginny


    Yep, the back of my Escape always has some stray dog kibble, horse feed pellets or beet pulp shreds even though I keep an old blanket in there to try and save the carpet. I don't haul hay in it but sometimes pick up a bag of alfalfa cubes and I love that smell!

    I did buy some washable slipcovers for the back seat so that the dogs wet feet and constantly shedding hair doesn't completely wreck the upholstery.

    My truck's extended cab serves as storage... extra clothing for me and horse, spare halter, lead ropes, etc.
    And there's usually lots of hay inside that falls off of me or blows in the window when I pick up a load of hay. You'd think I'd learn to shut the windows...

    Sometimes people get in my vehicles and just shake their head...
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    Apr. 26, 2006
    Madison, Wisconsin


    I have the best horsey car EVER. It's a Honda Element (looks like a toaster on wheels, or a pregnant roller skate). The thing is boxy so you can fit anything in it. The back seats can be totally removed from the car and the whole floor is flat, so when you take the seats out it's like a small covered pickup truck back there. I can fit multiple tack trunks, a LOT of hay and/or shavings, and pretty much anything else. And to make it even better, there is NO carpet! The whole thing is plastic. (The seats are some sort of super easy to clean "sport" fabric.)

    I've had the most disgusting things in that car, but there is nowhere for gunk to stick, and no fabric for smells to seep into.

    I frickin' love that car...
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    Jul. 30, 2005


    Mine is clean- it kinda has to be because I use it for work. I use the back seats as storage- have a couple of bags with a change of clothing for me, blankets, rain coats... you name it.

    The floor has a couple of headcollars, a lead rope and lunge line, plus various other bits of tack.
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    I just "cleaned" out my car the other day so instead of having two saddles, various saddle pads, an extra shirt or two, a hoodie, a pair of half chaps, an extra pair of paddock boots, my tall boots, a couple extra grooming supplies, a back cinch, a bridle, extra reins, two turnout blankets, a quarter sheet, baby powder, baby wipes, some extra stirrup leathers, and horse treats...

    Well, you can at least sit in my back seat at the moment. And one of the saddles is going back in this afternoon.

    This, of course, doesn't even take into account the tufts of dog hair, mud on the carpet, and various bits of hay.
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    Jul. 11, 2004


    My COTH car is a Miata...kind've a standing stall version COTH car. The trunk (well, what trunk there is) usually has horse treats, a carrot or two (Ew!), some harness, hoof boots, more horse treats, a crop and 3-4 leadshanks. The front passenger seat has the required Carhart spare jacket in case it gets cold, vest, muck shoes and a horse mag to read when stuck in traffic. Won't even go into the floor rugs...not a good thing.
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    Jan. 7, 2001
    Usually too far from the barn


    I have 2 or 3 flakes of hay, in bits and pieces in the carpet, under the seats and in the trunk. I don't transport hay, but the barn stacks hay in front of Ti's stall so I use the stacked bales for my jacket, sweatshirt, helmet etc while I get the beastie ready.
    Since it's mud season are clumps of mud (etc.!) on all flooring.
    There is a cooler on the backseat, a saddle in the trunk. There is a small bucket with tack cleaning stuff on the floor behind my seat with several sweaty grooming towels stuffed on top. There are assorted bits of pepermints stuck to various surfaces.
    The exterior looks like it has been used for offroading in the deepest forest which might be OK except that it's a 4 door sedan.
    My car is for sale, I wonder why no one seems to want to buy it?
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    Jun. 27, 2001
    Chesterfield, NH


    Tee Hee! Perfect thread for me! Right now my regular car is out of commission (always a COTH car anyway) so I'm driving my tow vehicle right now. A 1995 3/4 ton Suburban I use to pick up hay in so there's always a good layer in the back, on the walls and everywhere else. I've been coaching Pony Club Quiz prep so there's manuals, 3-ring binders, gear for "sock surprise", etc. My oldest daughter takes weekly lessons with our trainer so it's usually easier to just keep her helmet, half-chaps and grooming bag right in there!
    You know you're driving your tow vehicle when... you have extra baling twine stored under the seat for quick release tying, spurs in your door storage and a bit is your key fob! Oh, and my medical release armband is hanging from my rear-view mirror!
    Grab mane and kick on!

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    Jun. 13, 2005
    Never precisely sure where I am.


    We had to haul hay in the trunk and backseat of our Maxima when our truck was in the shop so there is hay embedded in the ceiling.

    Miscellaneous tack and grooming items are in the backseat along with a stray stirrup iron and a couple of orphaned riding gloves.

    The car always smells like Ultium because we've hauled so many bags in the Maxima from the feed store.

    Now don't you want to ride in the backseat of my car?
    A horse may be coaxed to drink, but a pencil must be lead.

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    May. 9, 2008


    Because the truck is still sitting there needing a transmission, my wonderful Father gave us his mini-van to use as a farm truck You can fit 18 bales in it if you take the back seat out , needless to say, it is covered in hay and no amount of vacuuming gets it all out. I have to wear a mask when I am in it because I am allergic to alfalfa It also has a stall mat and a ramp for transporting mini-whinnies, along with two bales of shavings, a rubber dish and a bucket with a hanger for food and water. I have a rubbermaid container in there too with horse and mini sized halters, leads, treats, food and treats. You never know what you will find wandering the roads around here...better be prepared!

    My old Volvo has a tack trunk in the trunk and blankets all over in case I find something on the way home that is covered in horse I can get 4 bales in the trunk if it is empty and 7 inside the car.
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