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    Default Building a barn

    I am FINALLY getting my own hobby farm!!! We are building a house on acreage, so I get a chance to put in my own barn. Ive always just had to deal with what I had, but wanted some input from you all on what you would have changed about your experience. Also, some good places to go to get a barn. Started looking online and there are a million different places to go. Im not looking at anything extravegant, probably just a 4 stall with a tack room and wash rack. So, those of you that have been there, any input on what to do and what not to do and what you would do differently.... TIA!!!
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    The pad where you put the barn is most important. Hopefully, you have a flat area with no hill sloping towards the barn. Be sure to put in a pad with sufficient slope away from all sides of the barn. I've built two barns, and the same bulldozer guy did both pads. He piled dirt, then packed it well. Then you finish it with stonedust in the stalls. Smooth it before you install mats. I have concrete in the aisle and the concrete guy put down 21A first, then stonedust (I think) then concrete. He put extra 21A around the barn, which really helps prevent mud. You put stonedust over that.

    I'm in Virginia and like my barn situated so west breezes blow through the aisle in the summer. The stalls with Dutch doors face south, so sun shines in during the winter.

    I have tongue and groove inside throughout the barn.

    Big windows in the stalls are really nice.

    For fire code reasons, I have a ceiling in the barn (Armstrong fire proof panels).

    Have one plug high up in each stall for heated buckets and fans (make sure the cords on buckets can reach the plug) All wires should be run in metal conduits.

    My barn is steel siding. Built by Conestoga, but don't think they build in Arkansas.

    I have an overhang on one side with the aisle. Good for storing tractor, and horses enjoy, too. Most barns have overhangs in front of stalls. But I like it on the aisle end better.

    Gutters help drain roof runoff away from barn.

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