I've been accepted into grad school at Wake Forest and am looking into horse boarding options. I have a couple leads already but you guys rock...I've loved every board/trainer recommendation made to me before so I'm posting again

I event...but don't need to be at an event barn...can trailer out for lessons. Suggestions there (or jump/dressage trainers) are also appreciated.

What I'd like...

I have one trail/retired horse and one younger eventer (currently going Training, hopefully Prelim by then). Both TB geldings. Both need grain AM/PM. Am open to field board options...especially for the retired one. Definitely trying to keep costs down. Can't afford a "show barn" but don't mind any discipline...as long as they're open to mine as well

Need an area to ride. Would prefer jumps on site.

Trailer parking. Can provide own grain but would prefer not to have to bother with hay myself. I'm a pretty low maintenance boarder, with rather low maintenance horses.

Would prefer not to drive more than 30 min. to get there.

Any suggestions? Or places to look for suggestions? Any places to avoid? PM if you'd prefer.