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    Default Embryo Transfer Question

    Brand newbie here with first here goes!

    Anyone out there ever put together a contract/agreement for embryo transfer with the following?

    1. Mare owner (me) isn't willing to sell or do broodmare lease
    2. Mare owner is willing to get mare to vet for all ultrasounds, and visits required for embryo transfer to surrogate mare.

    Reasons for not wanting to sell or lease is that the mare has very desirable and hard to find connemara bloodlines (have been reading with interest the recent connemara thread!) but pony has some health issues that require daily meds. Mare is 11 and is ridden and competed on regular basis by my daughter.

    My questions are - if anyone has done an agreement like this, what is your time worth and what is a mare's egg worth? Interested party would of course be responsible for all vet and semen collection and shipping fees.

    Any thoughts, pros/cons are much appreciated!

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    I think a lot of the interest disappears as the buyer becomes more educated about the costs involved and no guarantees of success. IMHO, it is usually more cost effective to buy a well bred foal or, better yet, an unstarted two year old.

    Only you can place a value on your time. How much would it take to make it worth the inconvenience? How many tries are you willing to provide?

    Most important: Get every last detail in writing!!

    Best of luck!

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    ET isn't quite as bleak as Rodawn has painted, IMO. I wish we made 10k off each ET! Generally for our practice, for an ET, you have the regular breeding fees for the donor mare, then the embryo flush is $375 and the transfer is $200 (of course, only if you get an embryo). If you use your own recip, that is it. If you lease one from us it is 2k. Rodawn is right, though in that you can easily rack up huge bills if things don't go well.
    As far as recips being lined up, five is quite a few. We generally reccomend at least 2, and by using the P & E protocol that has worked well for us.
    Obviously fertile donors (i.e. young, reproductively sound mares) give you your best chances, and the recipient mares need to be breeding sound as well.
    Embryos are graded based upon their quality, from 1-5. Grades 1 and 2 generally have a very high success rate, with pregnancy rates being around 69%. Poorer grade embryos have success rates around 18%. If you are using dondors from 2-8 years of age, the success rate is around 70%, 9-17 year olds are around 52% and 18-28year olds have a succes rate of about 52%, as well.

    The bottom line, yes it can be very expensive, and the best thing you can do to improve your odds are to find the most experienced vet you can!
    Already excited about our 2016 foals! Expecting babies by Indoctro, Diamant de Semilly, Zirocco Blue and Calido!

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    The prices must be very different in Canada.

    Here, in Florida, the greatest cost is in leasing the recipient mare. Other than that, costs are not very far off from a regular breeding. Here is what we were quoted and the change for 2010 is minimal:

    "Please see the following estimated costs for embryo transfer for

    Palpation/Ultrasound 1-2 mares: $30.00

    Deslorelin: $55.00
    Uterine Culture: $45.00

    Uterine Cytology: $30.00

    2L Uterine Lavage: $69.00

    Embryo Flush: $450.00 plus drugs (i.e. oxytocin, dormosedan)

    Transcervical Embryo Transfer: $125.00
    (Transfer embryo into recipient mare)
    Pregnancy Ultrasound: $54.00

    Recipient Mare Rental: $3,000 - $3,500"

    We have 4 mares in our own recip herd to cut down on that cost. We are having a vet out to do cultures and ultrasounds on these 4 to ascertain who will be ready to prepare to receive the embryo from the donor mare whose cycle we have already begun to track.

    We will keep you posted as to our success and relative costs.

    Good luck!
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