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    Quote Originally Posted by clivers View Post
    Franklin evented to CCI*** level with pin-fired front canons and extensive scarring as well - both from his previous career on the track.

    You can see his scars here:

    and a pic with his former owner - they won a CCI** that weekend:

    I made the difficult decision to retire him this week due to his coffin joint arthritis.
    Gabby, I'm so sorry to hear that!! He is lucky to have been in your hands, even for a short while.

    Sorry to hijack. I've never had a pin fired horse so don't have much to contribute but the first horse I tried to buy when I was a kid was pin fired. I was too slow committing to him and he was sold to someone else, sadly, but he was a lovely horse and I've often wondered how he would have turned out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurierace View Post
    Pin firing is stupid and meaningless, period. It means nothing in terms of a horse's future soundness or limitations. Even if you ruptured the flexor tendon the fetlock wouldn't touch the ground since it is supported by the suspensory ligaments not the tendon so I don't know what to tell you there. Generally speaking a horse that has bowed is more likely to rebow than one that has never bowed. Its a fine line of management with a big dose of luck thrown in there.
    I concur.
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    "It's like a Russian nesting doll of train wrecks."--CaitlinandTheBay

    ...just settin' on the Group W bench.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Tradewind* View Post
    Gabby, I'm so sorry to hear that!! He is lucky to have been in your hands, even for a short while.

    Thank you we had a great 2 years together that I will always be grateful for...and who knows, maybe he'll feel like going entry level with my daughter in a few years

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    For resale, it's all about what youre comfortable with. We do a lot of sales, and I definitely hear negative pushback re: pin firing, even though it is a simple blemish. That being said, 3 of my all-time best have very obvious firing scars, but then again, they'd never be for sale just my humble experience, not fuel for any fire.

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