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    Jun. 9, 2009
    New England

    Default Does anyone else's horse have the spring sillies?

    Spring is in the air and my guy is being a total goof ball. Because the footing in turnout is still slippery, he does not get the ya-yas out of his system and saves it up for my rides. I was supposed to have a jumping lesson a few days ago but he was such a nutcase that we just hung it up, took the tack off and let him burn it off in the indoor. Sigh. This too shall pass... I hope!

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    Aug. 13, 2002
    Southern Pines, NC


    Yep, the horses have the spring sillies bad. Helmets and neck straps recommended! Friend was riding a QUIET green horse in round pen, wtc one way lovely, wt then canter explosion other. She did not land well, but will be okay. It will pass.

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    Aug. 3, 2001
    Hagerstown, MD


    Mine do big time ! Mark, who is normally kick along quiet has been flashing back to his racetrack days and has been full of himself. I swear, he has forgotten everything he learned last year about dressage and currently is doing an excellent hollow backed giraffe thing .

    And Spy, my 4 y.o. OTTB who is the quietest, sweetest thing ever, almost kicked my head off yesterday after I was done riding and he was a exhausted, dripping, barely able to move sack of bones. I took the halter off in the field and squeeeeeee!!!! he was off and running and bucking and cavorting. He flew past me and let a hind foot fly , for which he got a good screamfest from me- I'm sure the neighbors were amused .

    Even given all that and the fact that the stinkbugs have marshalled their troops and are out full force, I will still take spring over the 3' of stupid snow we had last month .

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    May. 15, 2008

    Default yes

    ummmm yesssss! after a 15 minute lunge and full hour ride, I took my feet out of the stirrups to walk her around the arena on the buckle, got to the corner and she took off cantering! silly mare! so i said, "fine, if you want to canter now you are going to have to work!", picked up my reins and worked on my seat with no stirrups and her learning to stay consistent in tempo through transitions while i worked on balancing my seat better. so fine, maybe she's a little more fit than i gave her credit for!

    after i rinsed her off, i went to turn her out and she galloped off farting into the sunset!
    Jazz- 4.9.01 OTTB, loved since 12.6.09
    Skip- 3.3.91 APHA, i miss you buddy

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    Jan. 17, 2008

    Default Yes

    I thought it was a good idea to warm up my thbd with a "little gallop" the other night, get the cobwebs out. Bad idea. I was quickly reminded of that extra gear only thbds have and that no amount of brakes can stop this. It took a couple loops of the hay field for him to come back to me. Then the silly bugger was so amped up that it was nearly impossible to accomplish anything for the next hour. We did do 3 correct (or so my trainer tells me....I wouldn't know) strides of canter pirouette though. That was cool!

    He is a push ride indoors so I love my new outdoor horse! It is like getting a new horse every spring.
    "look deep into his pedigree. Look for the name of a one-of-a-kind horse who lends to his kin a fierce tenacity, a will of iron, a look of eagles. Look & know that Slew is still very much with us."

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    Oct. 12, 2007
    Andover, MA


    I'm seeing it. Three geldings owned by a friend, and when we went to collect them from their paddocks, they all came galloping up to the gates, even the old guy who really doesn't like to move if he doesn't have to.

    I've been worried about this with maresy on stall rest and hand walking, but so far I have not experienced the "Palomino Morgan kite " that a friend whose palomino Morgan mare went through similar rehab did... The worst maresy has done is drag me over to the spring grass. Of course she has not been in heat yet...

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    Jul. 22, 2007


    Spring sillies in full force here too! I always felt that my horses get spring fever as bad if not worse than I do! All of mine have had the enitre winter off (in large pastures). I am amazed at how fit they keep themselves - Too bad I can't say the same for myself!

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