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    Default Grooming tips

    What's your best grooming tips to get hair off with out clipping (my horse is bad even drugged) o.0 hahahaha

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    Curry, lots! Works best after work, when the horse is warm. A warm bath will also help shedding.
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    Curry a lot, or use the Epona Shedding Flower (I think it's called), it's an awesome version of a curry comb.

    Use a shedding blade and one of those Slick n' Easy grooming blocks. Those three items incorporated regularly into my grooming routine help a lot.

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    Sometimes giving the horse a bath with really warm water if you can will pull a lot of hair out - opens up the pores - lets out the hair. Also, if the horse stands in the sun - the hair sort of starts to collect and come out - I really think heat helps.

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    Use a round rubber curry 1st. Its great for loosening up the coat and getting the dirt up and out. I then use a knock off furminator. I then use the grooming block. Each one is great for removing the shedding coat and they also help stimulate new growth and work the coat into a nice shine. I then use a couple different brushes to remove the dirt. I use a good stiff brush first, using short brisk strokes. I then use a less stiff brush that has longer bristles and finish off with a nice soft, horse hair brush. I clean out the brushes while using them to keep them clean and work better. I would love to use the warm bath right now but our temps are still in the 40's.
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