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    Default ANOTHER Lameness post with lots of PICS

    Went to ride my mare today. Walked over to the neighbors arena, walked around for about 10 mins. No issues. Went to trot and lame. It felt 100% like it was up front. Moreso felt like the left front but wasnt sure. Neighbors nonhorsey husband was there working on the barn. I asked him if he could just tell me which leg wasnt coming as far forward as the other. I mean it was that apparent that even a nonhorsey person could see it.

    He said left front. Ok. At the walk, on soft and concrete, shes totally fine.

    Went home. My nonhorsey but not completely husband was on the porch. I walked her while on her, nothing. Trotted her while I was on her, he said it looked more shoulder... possibly the right.

    Get off. Rechecked her hooves and legs (always check before getting on). Legs and feet are cold and no where is she sore to palpation.

    Untacked her and took her out to lunge her with just a halter. At the walk, shes tracking up, no problems. At the trot, I really didnt see much. Maybe a hint of something going to the left but geez, I mean, it was VERY noticable when I was on her. Now, just *maybe* something trotting to the left. I did not canter on the lunge because it had rained earlier and the grass was wet.

    The only thing that I can think of that would indicate the left front is the culprit is that when I was tacking up, I was about to hook up the girth (always start out loose and slowly bring it in), and she was doing like a half paw motion like 3 times with her left front. Usually she will do this if theres a fly on her. So I fly sprayed her and that was it.

    She hasnt been ridden since last Monday. The only thing is that like 3 days ago, I was massaging her in her stall as she gets tight where the muscles attach to her chest/shoulder/neck area. My MT also showed me where to massage between her front legs all the way on the bottom to help release her muscle there too. But nothing that is out of the norm for what we do.

    I am waiting for videos to upload that I just took so I can post them later.

    Mare does go out normally in her C7 area which I know can mimic shoulder lameness. She hasnt been massaged or adjusted since Aug last year.

    Any thoughts?
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    So watching the video (when it uploads it gets really choppy and you cant see anything) the left hind comes forward normally and the right front is more restricted (which is her tighter shoulder due to her upright "clubby" right front). Right hind comes forward but not as articulated in the hock (vet said it was due to limited range of motion due to DJD) and her left front comes up and swings forward normally.

    So is it the right shoulder? Right hind? I am so confused. Stupid windows media player totally messes up the quality of the video when I save it for uploading. My camera shoots in HD & has a high frame per second and the software and/or computer cant handle it.

    Here is a link to an album I just uploaded of pics that I took from the video tonight since I cant upload the video. I also will link to a picture that I edited to show one stride to the next and drawing lines to accentuate the differences.


    2 Edited photos:
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    Member of the ILMD[FN]HP Clique, The Florida Clique, OMGiH I loff my mares, and the Bareback Riders clique!

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