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    Aug. 11, 2003

    Default So much for horse meat going abroad!

    A fancy sushi place in Los Angeles serving horse meat!

    "Armed with a hidden camera, two women from the documentary captured the waitress serving them whale and horse meat and identifying them as such, a federal criminal complaint said. A receipt from the restaurant at the end of the meal identified their selection as "whale" and "horse" with a cost of $85 written next to them."

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    Nov. 23, 1999
    South Coast Plaza


    The restaurant announced on its website that it is closed.

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    Aug. 22, 2005


    There's supposedly a guy around here who's killing horses and selling the meat for dog food. Given the local demographics and the state of the economy, I bet it's not only dogs been eating it...

    And that's not the worst of it. I understand through the grapevine gossip that he thinks he's OK with the law if the cripples the horses first (breaks a leg or two is what I heard), then has to shoot them because they're crippled -- and as long as they're dead anyway, might as well sell the meat. (That might turn out to be an exaggeration of something that might have happened by accident once and is being represented as BAU for his little enterprise -- I certainly hope this is the case.)

    I understand he's currently in jail on unrelated charges (not his first time in the pokey) and all the horses on his property have "been removed". Whatever that means.

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    Wasn't there already a thread about this? The same place got busted for selling whale meat? (Not to mention I'm sure when Fish and Wildlife was done, the Health Department wanted a few words about serving customers raw product bought out of the back of someone's car.)

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    Feb. 20, 2010
    All 'round Canadia


    Yeah, the place closed (more for the whale, which I think was endangered).

    That said, after my grandma sang the praises of horse meat, I had some on a recent vacation to Paris. It was pretty delicious

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