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    Default Not happy with her weight, pictures and small update

    Ok, So here is the update with Red. IU changed her feed around a bit, she is getting 1lb of beat pulp, 4lbs of alfalfa cubes, Calf manna, 3/4ths of a cup of corn oil (I reduced it from 1.5 cups) Her hay was been increased to 10-12lbs of hay, and she is also spending 2+ hours in my yard grazing. I wormed her yesterday for pinworms, I will worm her again in a week for strongyles(sp?)

    Here are the pictures I took 3 days ago 3.16.10

    and here are the pictures I took today 3.19.10

    She has gained some weight which is good.
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    Jan. 20, 2007


    I don't think it's really possible to see actual weight gain in just 3 days time. Maybe if she was low on fluids, yes, but I'm assuming she's wasn't. Usually it takes a good 2 to 3 weeks to see any difference.....

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    Jun. 4, 2009


    I don't think she looks all that bad in the first one. But maybe I'm missing something. Why do you feel she's underweight? From the photo it just looks like she could use some topline muscle.

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    Mar. 14, 2010


    She looks like a pretty slab sided horse. IMO, her body is unlikely to fill out a whole lot, even if she gains a lot of weight. She looks quite fit, but I don't think she's very thin. She could stand to gain a little bit, but I wouldn't go crazy worrying about it.

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    She has that "not fluffy" look that is what Mapleshade calls it so I am going to go w/it. More quality hay. Add a little salt to her food and see if she drinks more. The unfluffy look often goes along w/a horse who is not truly hydrated IMO..
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