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    Feb. 4, 2001
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    Default Does anyone have the "ultimate spur set?"

    Not as in, do you have 50 pairs hanging from your rear view mirror, either!

    As seen at this link:

    It seems like this would be easier than switching between sets of spurs, assuming they really work. But, I want someone to tell me they like them before I order them because I've never seen them up close and personal. TIA!

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    Apr. 24, 2003
    Tehachapi, Ca


    I have had a pair for a few years and regularly use them. My only complaint is that many of the spur pieces are pretty big and my horse doesnt need that strong of a spur - so I have pieces I don't use. But it is convenient to be able to just switch the spur attachment.

    I was initially concerned that with use, the spur attachment could come off of the spur itself - but that has never happened. The engineering behind the design is well thought out and I have never lost any of the attachments while riding.

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    Sep. 15, 2006

    Default I had an idea for those....

    20 years ago, even talked to Invention Submission Corp back then, but they wanted an exorbitant amount of money to follow threw with the idea. I couldn't afford it...
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    Nov. 9, 2007


    eh, they're kind of expensive. it seems like you may never use half of those spurs, and it seems silly to me. i see the appeal if you're riding many horses non stop though, for instance at a show or at home but otherwise i think it's a lot of money for the convenience if it's only a handful of horses..

    your decision though! from what i've heard, they work just fine and they dont fall off or anything.

    Blitz <3 & Leap of Faith <3

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    Feb. 4, 2001
    Member of both the Southern California and Michigan clique - currently residing in Grand Rapids, MI


    Thanks Linda! I'm ordering. I have exactly zero pairs of spurs right now because I just started riding again, and I used to have a big collection, so it doesn't feel expensive to me to buy them in one fell swoop.

    GrandPrixJump, Sorry that the Patent Office kept you from inventing... that's not the way it's supposed to work! I think it's a great idea, because I hate having a zillion sets of spurs and having to switch them for different horses. Now I just need to go win the lottery to I can buy a few horses to go with my new spurs.

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