Oldenburg/Trakehner/TB mix gelding, age 6, 16 hands, chestnut with a star. Can not be ridden due to tendon injury. Totally sweet, loves people and attention, good manners but tends to act like a big baby - can be pushy with people who don't know anything about horses. If you know anything about horses, you won't have trouble with him. He is sound but will not hold up in work. I can not afford to keep him, money is tight. He's happy in a stall or outside 24/7 in the weather, loves to be groomed and fussed over. Gets along well with all of my horses, but would probably not do well in a mixed herd of geldings and mares. He can go with only geldings or only mares, but tends to "protect" "his" mares if in a mixed herd. Near Cincinnati, Ohio - will help with shipping if I can to a good forever home.