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    Default Coggins Timing Question -What Makes Sense?

    I'm trying to figure out what is the smart thing to do in terms of saving $$. There is a vet coming out to our neighborhood to do spring shots and there is no farm charge (YEAH!). So I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to get my coggins done then too, although it doesn't expire until mid-July.

    So basically if I have the coggins done now in mid-March I'm not getting the full year's worth of the coggins, but I won't have to pay a farm call in July to redo it again.

    Of course all this is assuming that I won't be needing the vet out again from now till mid-July anyway for something else unforeseen. And with horses thats certainly a hefty assumtion. Hence my confusion... Seems a shame to "waste" 4 months on a coggins. But I have no financial common sense.

    So what do you think? Wait on the coggins and assume the vet will be out between now and July for some thing or another? Or get it done now and don't risk that I may have to have the vet out just for the coggins later on.

    BTW, the coggins is around $25, and a vet call is around $45.

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    well, for what it's worth, we do coggins every year for spring shots -- I just sent in my first entry of the season and dont' have the coggins back yet, but will shortly, and will have it on hand for all my early spring activities.
    Once you get them on this schedule, redoing it every year at this time means no "gap" in coverage in the middle of your season.
    Since you hopefully get spring shots every year...
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    I am in the same boat except that I only have an overlap of about two months. I moved my horse from another boarding facility that did spring shots in May last year. At the new barn, my horse will be getting shots later on this week. I am going to have the vet go ahead and draw a new Coggins while he is out there. The cost of the blood draw and the certificate is $25 and all of the boarders will split the farm call, which will probably be about $3 apiece. If I call the vet out in May/June when my horse is due for another Coggins, I will have to pay the whole farm call by myself.

    Financially speaking, either pay $25 now with a reduced or free farm call OR still pay the $25 a few months from now and have to pay the $45 farm call by yourself... Just do it now!

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    Jun. 14, 2006


    Here, ours expire Dec 31 with one month leeway should you get your test done in December (which then nets you til next Dec 31).

    Personally, I'd just do it now (in your situation) so you're not redoing the farm call.
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    Jul. 19, 2003
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    I get all our horses' coggins done around the 1st of the year so that there is no mid-season scrample for a new coggins. A total PITA, in my opinion, and we have some pretty ruthless show secretaries, so I really try to be prepared at the beginning of the year. My advice would be get it done now, then it's done and you don't have to worry about it again.

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