Here is the update on mine:

1. Compete my Finger Lakes Youngster, hopefully through Novice: Finger Lakes youngster has decided that show hunters is the life for him, so he is for sale to do that. He just wasn't having any fun going xc and I saw little point in "making" him. Hopefully, someone will find him who really appreciates him because he certainly deserves it.
2. Compete at training and maybe prelim on leased/borrowed horses: Almost. Did dressage and sj on borrowed horse as well as first several fences xc, then buried him so deeply even he couldn't save me and ended up standing on top of the jump - oops, that counts as RF, but all felt quite good and I did get to event on 5 different horses while doing my Florida weekends.
3. Get a dressage score on any horse under 34 (so far my best score ever): Very close, got a 34.1 at novice on the leased mare and got a 35.5 with an ERROR on the wonderful borrowed gelding at training level, so getting very close
4. Work hard on improving my dressage riding: This is going great. I got 7's for rider collective marks on both horses this weekend. Many thanks to my dedicated trainers, north and south.