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    Aug. 16, 2005

    Default Blue Ridge Trailers

    I went on a road trip with a friend this weekend to pick up her new trailer that she bought on consignment with Blue Ridge Trailers:

    While there, I was looking at the Dream Coach GN 2-horse str load w/ DR (love it), but it's pricey and not sure I can justify the cost.

    So I checked out their new Blue Ridge trailers. It's a lovely trailer for the price and has some features I prefered over the DC - one in specific is the price.

    I currently have a Hawk BP w/ DR, and I have been very happy with the trailer. I was told that the Blue Ridge trailer will compete with the Hawks.

    So I am interested in knowing if anyone has bought or looked at the new Blue Ridge and had any opinions on the trailer?

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    Mar. 9, 2009
    SE VA

    Default Love My Dream Coach!

    I bought a two year old Dreeam Coach at Blue Ridge two yaers ago. It had just been traded in and wasn't finished getting cleaned yet. It's a two horse GN w/DR and even has a blue stripe to match my blue/white truck! Great timing, but I had never really heard of them. . . fortunately I had been doing research on what to look for as far as good welds and additional structural points. It is a bit more solid than the user friendly Hawks. I jumped around in my choices and got info from the saleslady as to the stronger GN hitch and the closeness of the structural support beams. It didn't shake nearly as much as the comparible Hawk. It also has cross corner supports that some trailers don't have. As pretty as the Hawks are I saw some sloppy welds under the paint and was choosing between the Dream Coach and a Four Star. I didn't like the rivets protruding into the horse box from ceiling ofd the Four Star. Picky I guess bec odds are really good no horse would get its head that high but I was looking for a solid trailer and was considering what could happen in an accident too. My ramp is steeper than the Hawks though. I have no issues with horses loading into it however. I love the Rumbar floor; there are pros and cons to all my preferences as far as anyone else goes but I love it!!

    After looking at their new line of trailers, I have to say they would be worth checking into; Donna and Rob know what they're doing so I would certainly give these trailers a second look. I hope I have reason to drive near to them just to check them out!
    Last edited by cutemudhorse; Mar. 14, 2010 at 07:53 PM. Reason: Looked at Blue Ridge Trailers site

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    Aug. 16, 2005


    Thanks CMH.

    The Dream Coaches are lovely trailers, I am just not sure I can justify the added cost.

    Their new line of Blue Ridge trailers are really nice in person...I am not a big fan of the entire WHITE skin with no decal, but of course Donna said they could take it down the road to design any decal I want:-)

    I am very seriously considering buying one, so I was hoping some others would have some feedback.

    I think my main hesitation is that it's a new line of trailers, so there's no history to prove how well they hold up.

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