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    Default How to read a race chart **updated to go with Equibase's free race records**

    Taken from a recent thread about how confusing race records are. We used her horse as an example but all the data is consistent for all records pulled from the Equibase free Charts.

    FYI, go to on the left side look up "Horse Search". Enter horse's name.. and there you go. Click on "See all results" beneath initial results.
    Some even have video replays available for a small fee.


    OK well let's look at the race where he won...

    He won a race that was a Maiden Claiming race running a distance of 1 mile and one sixteeth of a mile which was the second race on this day. . Only horses who had never won could run in it, and they were all available to be claimed for a price of $15,000-$13,000. Your guy was set at $13k. Going across his line here's what it all means:

    1.) Last Raced: well kind fo a duh.. it means he last raced 17 days prior also at Finger Lakes in the 3rd race and finished 3rd.

    2.) PGM : Was his Program number. He was #1

    3.) Horse Name and Jockey (I think you know this )

    4.) Wgt: Weight he carried: 118lbs

    5.) M/E: Medicine/Equipment. He was given Lasix (L) which is a typical anti-bleeder medication. And he was wearing blinkers (b)

    6.) PP = Post Position. He was in post # 1, also known as the "rail" given that it's the closest to the inside rail of the track.

    7.) Start: At the start he was 4th

    8: 1/4: At a 1/4 mile into the race he was in second by a half a length

    9.) 1/2: At a half mile into the race he was in second by 1 and a half lengths

    10.) 3/4: At 3/4 of a mile into the race he was second by 3 and a half lengths

    11.) Str: At the head of the stretch (also known as straightaway) he was in first by a head.

    12.) Fin: At the finish he was first by a head.

    13.) Odds: He was the favorite as he went off as the bettors choice (noted by the asterix) at odds of 3-1 (Someone else verify this part... I think I am right since he paid $5... )

    14: Comments: Dueled and driving denotes that he and the second place horse were both trying. And driving denotes that he was surging forward and increasing his pace at the end.

    15.) Fractional times: those are the times for the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 mile, and the final time.

    16.) Split times: are the times in between the fractions above.

    17.) Winner: Includes his basic pedigree and foaling info. He was a NY bred foal.

    18.) Breeder and Owner I think you understand :-) PS... might be worth contacting her for a pic.

    19.) Claiming prices include what the whole field was up for.

    20.) Total WPS pool: Is how much money was bet on this race in all bets.

    21.) The last thing is how much each of the top 3 paid.

    (the two on the right.... 1-6 is the exacta, which is betting on which 2 horses will come in 1st and 2nd) and the 7-1 is a double... which two horses will win 2 races consecutively. In this case the #7 horse won the 1st race and your guy won this, the second race.

    If you look now at the rest of his race charts on equibase (free btw) you should be able to translate the rest using this key.

    Click on "see All Results"

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

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    Can anyone suggest a good starter horse pre-race supplement? I was told by a fellow trainer to go to but there is a lot of products in their online store, dose anyone have any suggestions as a good stater supplement? Supplements 101 so to speak?

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