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    Default Anyone have the Duratech Aquanon T/O Sheet? (Schneider's)

    How does it hold up? Is the inside lining smooth? Is it actually waterproof? And do you think it'd hold up okay just being used as a stable sheet? (I need to buy one that's waterprooof, though, because my pony's boarded in an in-and-out)

    Also, do the sizes run true, or are they more like the sizing on Horseware/Weatherbeeta/Dover's?

    Also, just a heads-up, they are NOT made by Schneider's, as Carousel Horse Tack stocks them as well. (And that's where I plan to buy from)

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    Aug. 21, 2007


    I got one on close out and it has held up well so far (got it right before xmas for the 2 yearlings). It is DEFINITELY waterproof and the lining is smooth.

    The sizing seems ot be pretty true, but I have the midget sizes (60" and 64").

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    Got one on closeout, too, but it's for next year. Seems fine in the construction department on a cursory once-over. The lining is smooth.
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    i think "duratech" is schneider's own brand (like rider's is dover's), so it's more likely that carousel is a retailer for this line.

    I saw the clearance price. I'm trying to figure out if a giant Orange sheet on a chestnut horse is do-able as a spare. Gag reflex vs. savings? what to do, what to do?
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    I've got two of them too. And as DMK stated, they are a Schneider's brand.

    The one sheet is on it's second (or is it third?) season and holding up well enough. I'd had to fix a couple small tears, as it's only 600d and my boy can be hard on clothes. It is staying waterproof, but I also rewaterproof all my blankets and sheets annually.

    The second one is staying waterproof too and it's still on it's first season. No tears or rips, yet .

    Sizing. I find they run just like the other Schneider's stuff... which is a size larger. Gus is an 84" in Shires and Dover, but is an honest 82" in Schneiders stuff. (And my other boy is the same way, a size smaller in Schneiders compared to other brands, like Masta).

    Hope that helps. Definitely worth the money... as they are fairly cheap and do seem to stay waterproof.
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