So my new job site allows internet, but has funky filters. Google reader is absolutely fine, but CotH is not...

Using Google Reader, I can read the first post of a new thread... but that's it.

Does anyone know how/if you can expand the threads? Or get it to read all new replies?

Just found out the client is so happy with us they've gone from 8 hr shifts the first week to 12 hr shifts already--just in the second week.

12 very long, very slow overnights...


OH--and just a funny: so far I'm subscribed to CotH and the BBC World service... so last night I'm skimming down through the CotH posts, and all of a sudden see "Michael Poulin on Challenging British Attitudes Toward Asylum Seekers and Refugees" ... I'm really confused... took opening up the article to realize it was a BBC feed on Michael PALIN and Musa Ibrahim... DOH!