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    Default Mattes Pads - Which One?

    I am looking at all the different variations of the Mattes pads -

    Has anyone used this one?

    Trying to simplify - or does it make more sense to use the half pad with a baby pad?

    Trying to figure out the right combo...

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    I haven't used this specific Mattes pad, but I have the Mattes correction half pad. I really like it, although for the money, I don't know if it's any better than some of the less expensive knock-offs that are now available.

    It came in very handy when I was bringing my older horse back from a long layoff and his body was changing quite a bit as he got back into shape. They are intended to be used directly on the horse back, but I found my horse to be happier when I used it in conjuction with a quilted square pad.

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    I have this one

    I prefer it over the one you are considering because I can use it alone or with a baby pad. A baby pad keeps it cleaner but I think most horses seem to prefer the sheepskin directly on their back.

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    To me, that might be a chore to keep clean. The sheepskin half pads are a process enough to wash. But at least with those you can keep them brushed up and reasonably clean so you don't have to wash them that frequently. I would think with the quilting and larger surface area, you'd be looking at at least bi-weekly washings depending on how clean you are able to keep your horse. Figure in a couple of days to dry. And I wonder how the quilting and binding would hold up.

    They are mightly nice looking, but to me would not be practical for every day. Now if I had enough money to have several on hand at once, I would probably consider it.

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    I haven't used the Euro-fit one but I do have the regular AP square pad with rear trim and I LOVE it! It is my favorite pad ever at the shows. It is GORGEOUS and fits so much better than a half pad over a square pad that can move or get bunched up.

    The sheepskin is thick--much thicker than the cotton/fleece halfpads I use at home, so I felt like I was on a booster seat the first couple of times I used it. If you want a closer contact feel, this isn't the best pad. Otherwise it rocks!

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