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    Apr. 16, 2005

    Default Update: 8 months post surgery... How Stitch is doing. :-)

    Just thought I'd post a little update on Stitch. Tomorrow will be 8 months since his colic surgery. Wow! Can't believe it's been that long.

    He has been doing really well and knocking wood... hadn't had anymore issues. He loves the new farm and settled in really well. I'm sure that has helped a ton.

    It's been a long road. As many of you know, he has that "hip issue" and he needs to be in work to stay sound. So it has taken a little longer than expected to really get him going again.

    We had just started to do some real riding (more than just walking) when the weather turned cold, of course. And he's never been great over the winter months. So we have been stuck in the indoor the past few months. Not fun but I have tried to make things interesting and do alot of pole work to help strengthen him up. I started taking lessons again in early December and we've worked alot on his flat work and getting him to bring his hindend underneath him.

    Last week, we jumped for the first time in about a year. Just small crossrails and verticals. But it was good fun and Stitch loved it. And we even cantered a few jumps (big issue for me) and did a small course. He did really well and I didn't panic.

    Now that the weather seems to be changing (come on Spring!) we did some hill work yesterday. Ahhhh... it was so nice to be OUTSIDE. We walked and trotted around the farm. And it was a blast!

    Thanks for all the support over the last few months. This is something I don't wish upon anyone. Colic sucks.

    But thankfully, I'm one of the lucky ones. He has regained alot of his muscle tone and the weight back he had lost. He's looking better and better everyday!

    There is a small jumper show at the farm in about 3 weeks. We'll see how he does the next few lessons and I think we'll give it a try. They have the "weenie" divisions so we could just plod around those.

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    Aug. 8, 2004
    Back in the 'nati


    Wonderful update! I was just wondering yesterday how he was doing.

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    Mar. 6, 2009


    Great news ~~ how proud you must be !!!! Glad you posted your update ~ brightens everyone's day. Enjoy !!!!
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "

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    Nov. 18, 2004
    Catonsville, MD


    LSM, that is wonderful! Hooray for Stitch.

    Go for it at the jumper show. Instead of thinking of it as the 'Weenie Division', I like to think of it as the 'Confidence Builder Division'. :-)

    Rehab can be so hard. I too am jonesing for spring, even though we are far from done resolving Katy's somewhat mysterious continued lameness.

    We demand pics, though.
    I tolerate all kinds of animal idiosyncrasies.
    I've found that I don't tolerate people idiosyncrasies as well. - Casey09

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    Dec. 4, 2002
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    Wishing you the best of luck at the upcoming show, and so happy for you both!
    a 501(c)3 organization helping 501(c)3 equine rescues

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    Feb. 9, 2000
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    I was wondering how he made out. Glad to hear all is well!

    It took seven months to bring my older but wiser guy back from his colic surgery. Finally got him back into shape, going nice and boom - he went neurological on me
    He has been diagnosed with some moderate cervical changes and is retired. This poor guy has been hit with everything the last year.

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    Jun. 22, 2008
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    That is great news!
    There are friends and faces that may be forgotten, but there are horses that never will be. - Andy Adams

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    Apr. 16, 2005


    Thanks everybody.

    I will definitely post some pics from the show (will be dragging my hubby out to be the photographer).

    I think he would have bounced back quicker if it weren't for the previous hip issue and the timing of returning to work coinciding w/ the crappy weather.

    He really is such a kind soul. And still very young (just turned 11). And we've had our share of lumps/bumps.

    CAH: Sorry to hear about your guy.

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    May. 9, 2005
    Chattanooga, Tennessee


    Woohoo! Go Linda and Stitch!

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