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    Default Parasite die off or something more sinister? (Long)

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry this is long, and I am not one to usually post, but this is one of those times when throwing this around might give me some good leads.

    Okay, here goes- (history)
    7yr old TB (a Finger Lakes Graduate) gelding, came to me 12/09. Noticed he had enlarged lymph nodes under his jaw, was QTed here for 30 days, no better no worse. Horse bright and happy, in good weight. Discussed lymph nodes with vet, could have been from previous case of strangles where lymph nodes burst and have healed this way. Sounds good.
    Gelding has also had loose manure since being here- not terrible, but looser than I would like to see. He also is not a big hay eater, so perhaps lack of long stemmed fiber could be part of this.

    2 weeks ago was given Panacur PP (yes, I have read all the threads on this, such great info!), he was due to be wormed and not knowing his worming history, with the soft manure, figured this was a good idea.

    Past week or so seems to have lost some weight, we have gradually increased grain and trying to get more fiber into him. Really not into his hay, have tried beet pulp (hates it) seems to be okay with hay pellets, but still not the same thing. Have started adding some senior feed to rations, seems to like it, but doesn't attack his meals with gusto.

    This morning I see he has swelling at the front of his sheath (like 2 clementines), and ventral swelling behind where the girth would lay, otherwise bright and happy, temp. normal so I turn him out. Check it when he comes in and no change, give him a nice warm mash for dinner but he is not really interested, not depressed or colicy, but only eats a few bites, then eats a little bit of hay.

    Tonight do an early night check (will be my first of 3 tonight), and he is warm,some sweat on his neck, temp is 102, but eating hay at this point, seems content. Hem and haw over it, leave him be, but check him again an hr later, temp down to 100, decide I won't be able to sleep if I dont do something (and remembering again he got the PP 2 weeks ago) I give him 10cc Banimine IV. Temp is now 99.5, he is cool and comfortable, probably wondering why I am hovering over him like a wet hen!

    I plan on having the vet out to see him tomorrow, and maybe cleaning his sheath to rule out an issue in there...but really I have this nagging fear that maybe all these issues are not a result of a dirty sheath or a heavy worm load and the die off but that he has lymphosarcoma?

    Anybody care to discuss?

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    Anybody care to discuss?
    Not me!

    I will say that I would wait until the vet comes and surveys the situation before panicking.... Keep an eye on him for the next couple of days anyway. It could be that he might have to go to your nearest horsepital (sp?) for further investigation....
    "We want to raise our children so that they can take a sense of pleasure in both their own heritage and the diversity of others." ~Mr. (Fred) Rogers~

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