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    Default Maternity/FEI Spin Off - WEG Selecion Trails Fairness

    I was surprised by how many people thought creating some sort of maternity exemption or freeze to allow riders to bypass the FEI rankings to qualify for major events would be unfair.

    I'm curious to know how those people feel about the current US WEG team long list selection process. Personally, I think the combination of subjective byes for the long list (currently Ward/Sapphire, Hough/Quick Study and Kraut/Cedric, I believe) combined with the trials is a pretty good solution. But are others upset that the byes are inherently unfair because they don't adhere to the rankings from the trials?

    -Catherine Cullen

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    The maternity question isn't about a bye for a pregnant rider. It is about freezing her ranking for the time of her inability to compete, probably many months, that is the question. Byes are good and useful things to award to a team that is CURRENTLY showing and has RECENTLY shown they are in good form. Apples to oranges.

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    It is ridiculous to make a horse like Sapphire go through the stress of a selection trial, when she has proven time and again that she is well up to the standards of international competition. A bye for a horse like her makes total sense.

    And it isn't a bye for WEG, it is a bye that gets them on the long list, right?

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