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    Default An equitation problem or a saddle problem?

    I just got my current horse in December. He's a young, off the track thoroughbred that has been off the track for about a year. He was let down for several months afterward and brought back into work last spring and really jumping over the summer. At this point we're jumping 2'6 to 2'9 in lessons but I school him over xrails a couple times a week on my own to work on keeping him soft and relaxed in front of a jump and so that I can work a little bit on my eq. So far he's coming along fantastic- no issues with him. He's about 16.3 and all legs with a scopey, athletic jump.

    Here's my issue. When he jumps round, I feel like the cantle of my saddle is "catching up" with me in the air. I know I'm not sitting back early. Am I not getting far enough out of the saddle? These are little xs so the last thing I want to do is some grand prix two point and get way ahead of him. Could my saddle be a little to big in the seat or two deep? If this is an equitation problem, where exactly am I messing up and any ideas on exercises or things to visualize that would help me fix it?

    Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.

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    Mine is a high-backed foxhunting saddle, and my horse jumps VERY round and sometimes this happens to me when we are warming up over xrails and small verticals. My trainer says every time it happens that I sat down too early. (Or got a bit left behind, happens a lot with me doing trot fences :P) So, it's more of an eq. issues with me, but i deep-seated higher backed saddle doesn't help.

    A video of you jumping could help diagnose too, if you have one!
    But George Morris still wears rust-colored breeches- so can I!

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    I am thinking an EQ problem...wondering if your lower legs are too far ahead of you, so when your horse jumps, your seat is pushed to the back of the saddle. Thinking of pushing weight down into your knees (as if kneeling) may help with that.


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