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    Default Random- The Event Rider's Perfect Tack Locker

    I have always said that the only way a tack room is ever big enough for multiple event riders is to BUILD a tack room for multiple event riders (you should SEE our tack room. So much stuff, so little room!). So, while we don't get to build the perfect tack room in our new barn (it already has a lovely one...hopefully it will be big enough), we also have a separate 4 stall bank barn that currently has no tack storage. I had the brilliant idea today that instead of building an entire tack room upstairs, we should build nice, big, event rider specific tack lockers upstairs for the horses and riders in that barn. That way, tack stays cleaner and neater and hopefully so does the area.

    So, what would your ideal tack locker look like? With having as many event riders crammed into not enough space as we do right now, what I'm seeing is a need for room for at least two saddles, multiple bridles, various other strap goods like martingales and breastplates, LOTS of saddle pads (I do not understand why we ALL have so many saddle pads! ), various boots for the horse, various boots for the rider, helmets, gloves, grooming supplies, and god only knows what else! I know it's a kinda silly question, but, really, what does an event rider need for the perfect storage space???

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    Proximity to the horse. Upstairs? That would be a drag. Literally. Any way to make the tack closer? Maybe sacrifice one of the four stalls for a tack area?

    But if lockers it's going to be, I'd envision the "ideal" more along the lines of BROAD than TALL. Deep lockers where you have to literally stick your entire self inside to get at the back--not so good.

    A locker where everything is within reach--perfect. So that saddle rack that's 7 feet up in the air? Nope, not for my everyday stuff. I have a rack like that at home, and it's just fine for the western pony saddle that gets used 3x a year.

    So my ideal "dimension" would be something along the lines of six feet wide,just deep enough for the saddles and stuff hung from the door without smashing the cantles, and no more than about six feet tall so I can actually reach the stuff on the top shelf without hassle. Make the doors double so they don't bust their hinges, like a side-by-side refrigerator, and plenty of hanging hooks/pegs on the insides of the doors. Shelves and hanging baskets galore. A floor surface that's easy to sweep out and decently rodent-proof. Lockable if it's a big, busy barn. And a neat, outer surface with maybe a chalkboard for messages and a little basket for barn communication.

    And if the ceiling of the tack room is 8+ feet, and you have six foot lockers, that's IDEAL storage space for big, rarely-used things like winter blankets, whirlpool boots, top hats, shipping boots, etc.
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    Its a fantastic idea! BTW, when do we get to see pictures?

    I love Deltawave's idea, although to be honest I really doubt it would be possible to get individual lockers THAT big, althought it would be fantastic. I would suggest making couple of small shelves underneath the saddle racks in the locker, to keep and organize a miriad of little things or to put grooming box on 1 shelf and bucket with bunch of other stuff on the other, etc.

    I would love to have 2 saddle racks, 2 bridle hooks, and maybe few other hooks for other strap goods, 1 big shelf for pads/towels, and smaller shelves underneath saddle racks.

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    My step dad built me a trunk that is perfect, it really fits everything I use daily, and he painted it black with a wicked red and white X across the front. The only things it doesnt fit are blankets (room for a couple coolers though) and all my show stuff which lives in my trailer.

    Its about 6' tall x 4' wide x 2.5' deep. It is divided in half, with two compartments on the floor level, I use for poultice, first aid kits, kettle, etc. Then above those on the left a big area for 2 saddles. To the right a taller shelf for bottles, under it a drawer for small things that need to stay clean like face clippers or extra socks. Below the drawer are two more low shelves, one for boots and one for bandages. Then the top two compartments are for coolers on one side and saddlepads on the other. The doors are about 4 inches deep, so all my strap goods, sweaters and leg straps hang in there.

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    Default bobthehorse

    you gotta post pictures of that! it sounds awesome!
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    Anything that utilizes stuff from I am a Closet Maid junkie and this is closet maid for barns and trailers.

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    Completely agree w/ pegasus mom - I have had their tack stall kit for about 5 years, with an additional saddle rack and it has served me very well both at home & at shows. It's amazing how much stuff you can fit in/on it and that's one of the small kits. Great value, durability & functionality.

    When the big barn I used to be at went to a (dressage) show, 7 of us could share a 10 x 10 temp tack stall and still have plenty of room on the floor because almost everything was hanging on the wall - really convenient. Now, when I stable for an event, I hang this on the outside of my horse's stall and it works perfectly.

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